BREAKING: Maricopa County Kept a GOP Heat Map of Expected Voters Hanging on Their Wall – Then 84 PERCENT of Voting Centers with Machine Problems on Election Day were in DEEP RED DISTRICTS!

Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC) run by Kari Lake-hating operative Stephen Richer kept a GOP heat map on its wall before the 2022 election.

The dark red areas of Republican voters just happened to include the voting centers where the tabulators and printers were not working on Election Day.

Check Out These Numbers— The voter centers without working machines:
59 were in solid red districts
2 were in lean red districts
4 were in lean blue districts
5 were in solid blue districts.

17 out of 20 (84 percent) voting centers with machine problems were in DEEP RED DISTRICTS!


For the record, Stephen Richer launched a PAC in 2021 to take down Republican candidates in 2022.

If this can be confirmed we have another MAJOR election scandal in Maricopa County.

Via UncoverDC.

UncoverDC reported:

Richard “The People’s Pundit” Baris recently shared an interesting picture during his podcast—Inside The Numbers (Episode 307)—and in his community. The photograph was one he took while inside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC) soon after the recent Arizona midterm election. It showed a “Heat Map” reportedly hung on the wall inside the vote counting center titled:

General Election 2020 In-Person Republican Vote Dot Density
Election Day and Early Vote Sites | Metropolitan Maricopa, Arizona

Baris noted he did not personally observe a comparable map showing expected turnout from Democrats, Independent, or 3rd party voters anywhere else in the facility—the blue shaded map partially pictured to the right were locations of early vote drop-off/vote drop boxes as he recalls.

First and foremost, election officials would have no valid reason to need to track where voters would be expected to turnout by party. Maybe a case could be made election officials might want to know information about total voter turnout in order to best allocate their resources, but there is absolutely no good reason for the partisan break up—especially for just one party.

Richard Baris is a longtime political pollster and campaign consultant and owns the polling firm Big Data Poll. He has a great deal of experience working directly with political campaigns and election officials. He has never seen a map like this in a government facility. Just to confirm, Baris called around to contacts at several other secretary of elections offices in Florida and North Carolina to ask if they had anything like this in their offices. None of them did or even had heard of it being done before.

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