Republican Rep. Spots American Flag In Trashcan Outside of Democrat’s Office (VIDEO)

As many of you already know, there are specific guidelines to follow when it comes to handling the American flag.

Democratic Representative Sheila Lee Jackson appears to have no knowledge of these guidelines.

Jackson’s mishandling of the American flag was filmed by Republican Rep. Brian Mast of Florida who spotted the American Flag alongside a POW flag inside a trashcan outside of Jackson’s office door.

The trashcan had Jackson’s name on it and had a note stating the flags should be moved to the Rayburn House Office Building.

Rep. Mast uploaded his findings on Twitter with the caption: “Today’s rescue mission: saving Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s American flag from the garbage can.”


Mast would continue his tweet by offering Jackson a lesson on the proper etiquette of handling the American flag.

Rep. Mast knows all about properly handling the American flag.

The lawmaker from Florida spent over 12 years in the Army and was awarded the The Purple Heart Medal along with several other prestigious accolades.

Previously in an op-ed with Fox News, Mast explained why the American flag means so much to me.

The decorated Amy veteran would explain “When I see our beautiful 50 stars and 13 red and white stripes, I think about the many times I’ve seen this flag draped over the casket of my fallen brothers and sisters.”


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