MORE PATRIOTIC THAN EVER! Jan 6er Bobby Gieswein turns 26 today!— Spending His Second Birthday Behind Bars Waiting for Trial! Please Donate to Bobby Here

Guest Post by Kelly Wilde

It’s Jan 6er Bobby Gieswein’s second birthday behind bars today.

Bobby is awaiting trial for entering the Capitol building, yelling loudly and wearing fatigues. (We previously covered his charges here.)

Although Bobby did yell (as pictured above), he mostly stood around (as pictured below):

In 21 months waiting for trial, Bobby has already spent two Christmases in the slammer, too.

Although the excessive cell-lockdowns have lessened, he still hasn’t seen the faces of his family in two years.

Video and in-person visits are allowed in the other parts of the jail, but not for the January 6ers.

Bobby is considered the Martha Stewart of the Patriot Pod at the DC Gulag.

He regularly bakes up treats from prison commissary for the men to share. He has made curtains from ripped up sheets and woven a rug from t-shirt rags to make the place feel more like home. He has even taken-up kool-aid painting, the jail equivalent of watercolors.

Bobby was the primary caretaker of the Maga Mouse —an actual mouse that the deplorables coexisted with inside the jail for several weeks, and whose life Bobby was entrusted with sustaining. It became the pod mascot, a story told better told by James McGrew here:

MAGA Mouse was an actual live mouse that was found one chilly morning wrapped up in a J6 Political Prisoners thermal. He was then somehow humanely captured by J6 Political Prisoners here in District of Columbia, Department of Corrections, C2B/block. 

He was carried downstairs and was being shown to the Duty Officer when the medical nurse caught MAGA Mouse out the corner of her eye. This compelled her to run out of the door, find and tell supervisory staff that the J6 Political Prisoners chased her out of the building with a Rat and she was not going back. 

The Duty Officer in charge of J6 Political Prisoners was then phoned by the Captain’s office whom we later found out was phoned by the Warden and told to handle the situation. The Duty Officer then informed us he had been summoned to the Captain’s office for a briefing on the Mouse situation. We told the Duty Officer to tell the Captain that the Mouse had a Red Hat on and all the Prisoners are calling it MAGA Mouse. 

When the Duty Officer got back from the briefing, we asked if he told the Captain. He said the Captain about fell out of his chair laughing and the Warden had phoned everyone but the President of the United States on what to do about the Mouse. They had a full scale legal team meeting on how to handle the Mouse situation.  

What they finally decided on was have the Duty Officer humanely dispose of the Mouse. Only by the time the Duty Officer had returned MAGA Mouse had been placed in witness protection by the J6 Political Prisoners.  MAGA Mouse would spend the next few weeks being nursed back to health by Robert “Bobby” Gieswein and then released back into the wild or jail… no one really knows.

Bobby Gieswein has never committed a crime in his life, and is innocent until proven guilty of the crimes for which he’s being held. He is a true-to-heart Colorado outdoorsman who lives for the fresh air and the deep woods. He has two dogs, a little sister, and a widowed mom who needs him at home.

Bobby is braving the foxhole for us and we can’t forget him.

If you can, send Bobby a happy birthday and let him know he’s going to get through this.  No one said the stand against tyranny would be easy, AMERICA IS WITH YOU!

Give if you can by donating to Bobby HERE. 


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