NYC Gallery Selling New $225,000 Hunter Biden Painting

New York – A SoHo art gallery is selling a new Hunter Biden painting for $225,000.

Joe Biden’s crackhead, hooker-loving son Hunter is selling a painting for the price of a home.

According to the New York Post, two buyers are already interested in Hunter’s painting.

The gallery refused to disclose any information on the interested buyers.

The New York Post reported:

This Hunter Biden painting is selling for the price of a house.

The most expensive artwork at the first son’s new SoHo show is priced at $225,000 — and already has two interested buyers, The Post has learned.

On Saturday, a gallery worker refused to give The Post details on the potential buyers of the untitled, 57×98 inch, mustard-yellow floral painting on Yupo Japanese paper.

President Biden’s scandal-scarred son sold two other works a day after his second solo art show opened at the Georges Berges Gallery Friday.

Unlike last year’s debut of Biden’s artistic oeuvre, which was by invitation only, the new show, “Haiku,” is open to the public and features much stronger works, according to Biden’s gallerist Georges Berges.

“I want everyone to see his art,” Berges told The Post.

“The first [show] was successful,” said Berges. “We achieved what we wanted from that exhibition. This exhibition shows a stronger confidence.”

Berges has refused to elaborate on which paintings sold and who the buyers were. Paintings in last year’s show ranged from $75,000 for works on paper to $500,000 for large canvases.

“Haiku,” is open to the public and features much stronger works.

Last year GOP Rep. Ken Buck (CO) grilled Merrick Garland on Hunter Biden’s latest influence peddling scheme under the guise of selling artwork.

“A single piece of art from Hunter Biden sells for more than the average American home,” Rep Buck said as he pointed out the absurdity of Hunter Biden’s art selling for the same amount of money as paintings by world renowned artists Monet and Degas.

“Who buys Hunter Biden’s art? Who benefits? What benefits do they receive from the Biden administration? The American people want to know,” Rep. Buck said.

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