While New Yorkers Suffer, Democrats In Albany Vote for 29% Pay Raise Making Them Highest Paid State Legislators In US

Americans across the nation are suffering under the Biden economy.

Inflation is at 40-year highs.  The markets are down significantly since last year.  Interest rates are double what they were last year. Home sales are down 35% from last year.

And New Yorkers, like most blue cities, are facing rising crime.

And yet while New Yorkers are facing economic woes AND safety concerns, Democrats in the New York State Senate and Assembly have just voted for a 29% pay raise thanks to the taxpayers they are failing.

Their new salary of $142,000 makes them the highest paid state legislators in the US ….in positions that are considered part time!

The New York Post reports:

Democrats in the state Senate and Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday to give themselves a record raise and hike their taxpayer-funded pay to $142,000 a year.

The early Christmas gift … to themselves, makes Albany the highest-paid state legislature in the nation — despite ongoing inaction on critical issues including New York’s controversial bail reform law and the Big Apple’s migrant crisis.

The 29% boost to their current $110,000 pay will also result in wages more than three times higher than the median $43,208 earned by average New Yorkers.

Lawmakers will also be allowed to continue raking in unlimited outside income until 2025, when it would generally be capped at $35,000.

The $32,000 pay raise would go into effect Jan. 1 if Gov. Kathy Hochul signs off on the plan passed during a hastily scheduled, lame-duck special session of the Legislature in Albany.

The Senate voted 32-23 in favor of the raise, which was later approved 81-52 by the state Assembly.

And New Yorkers voted for this.


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