NBC News Indefinitely Bars Committed Leftist Ben Collins , Who Cheered the Silencing of Conservatives, From Covering Elon Musk and Twitter

Ben Collins is another committed leftist and NBC contributor.

His Twitter account is awash with anti-conservative attacks. He openly cheers the silencing of opposing voices in America today.

In 2019, he gleefully celebrated Facebook’s efforts to eliminate conservative voices.

NBC has had enough of his sneering coverage of Elon Musk and Twitter and has indefinitely barred him from reporting on Musk or Twitter.

The New York Post reports:

NBC News has indefinitely barred tech reporter Ben Collins from covering Elon Musk and Twitter for repeatedly mocking the mogul on the social media app, it was reported on Friday.

Collins was told earlier this month by higher-ups at 30 Rock that his tweets blasting Musk were not editorially appropriate, according to the news site Semafor.

Collins has been yanked off the air from NBC and MSNBC but remains on staff. He has been actively tweeting and retweeting the latest developments related to Musk’s controversial decision to ban the accounts of several left-leaning journalists who were critical of his management of the social media app.

When reached by The Post, an NBC News spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on personnel matters.”

A source close to the situation told The Post that Collins, who has more than 380,000 Twitter followers, was repeatedly warned by management at NBC News over opinionated tweets about Musk.

The source said Collins was reminded of the company’s journalistic guidelines that bar reporters from expressing their personal views on topics they are assigned to cover.

While Collins is sidelined, he will not be permitted to report on Twitter or Musk across NBC platforms including the over-the-air network, cable news outlet MSNBC, and NBC News’ online site and social media handles, the source told The Post.

There is no timeline for the suspension to end, the insider explained.



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