McConnell: “Providing Assistance For Ukrainians to Defeat the Russians is the Number One Priority for the United States Right Now” (VIDEO)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Tuesday spoke to reporters before the senate voted to advance the $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill.

The latest spending bill is full of special interest earmarks and pork.

The bill includes $45 billion to Ukraine, $7.5 million in LGBTQ programs, Jan 6 prosecution funding and more.

There is no money for border security.

The bill is 3,000 pages that no one has read.

Senate Republicans are giving away the incoming GOP Majority House’s power of the purse until September 2023.

McConnell defended the monstrosity in remarks to reporters.

“Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans. That’s how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment,” McConnell said.

Nobody outside of DC supports sending money to Ukraine.


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