MAD LIBS: Democrats Melt Down, Call for Jailing “Heartless POS” Greg Abbott After He Sent Illegal Aliens to Kamala Harris’s House

Hard to understand why anyone would lose their mind over this maneuver by Governor Abbott. He was simply giving Harris a suitable Christmas gift on Christmas Eve considering the Biden Regime’s deliberate evisceration of federal immigration law.

Texas has borne the brunt of the Regime’s lawless border agenda. The situation is so bad counties are declaring “disasters” solely due to the invasion.

The video below provides a great example as to why they would issue disaster declarations:

That is not stopping Democrats from throwing a tantrum and assassinating Abbott’s character, though. One must lack a sense of humor to fail to appreciate the irony.

First up, former San Antonio Mayor and HUD Secretary Julian Castro’s less intelligent twin brother Joaquin. He has some deep thoughts on Abbott’s character and faith.

But Congressman Castro, why did Harris not welcome these poor migrants into her warm home? There’s no better way to show that “POS” Abbott what being a bleeding heart Christian liberal is all about. Lead by example!

Of course, Harris does not care but expects you little people to bear the burden instead. Just another far-left hypocrite.

Next is California Congressman Eric Swalwell, best known for sleeping with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang. He also let one rip on television once and allegedly ran for president during the 2020 cycle.

But sliming Abbott’s character is not enough, however. He must go to prison!

But for what? Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, better known for dressing up as the Grim Reaper, has the “answer.”

Hard to believe this man did not get elected as Florida Attorney General. Shipping illegals to another state or city because yours is full is not human trafficking. Even the Biden Regime has yet to file a frivolous lawsuit at this point.

Finally, the Regime decided to weigh in. White House Spokesman Abdullah Hasan on Monday accused Abbott of “putting lives in danger.” Of course, the Regime’s own policies led to the illegals entering America to begin with.

Abbott responded on Tuesday to the liberal whining by simply pointing out facts. Remember, every single one of them voted for this lawlessness.

Hopefully more governors will follow Abbott’s example next year and make liberals cry in the process. The next step to owning the liberals and resolving this border crisis is by impeaching the leader of the Regime, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.