Live Update from Tampa: Retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown’s Attorney: FBI “Planted” Evidence In His Trial

Via TGP’s Brian Lupo who is covering the trial from Tampa

1st Update (first day in the court room but the trial’s 2nd day…special thanks to “Jeremy Brown’s Campaign” for filling me in this morning and during breaks)

US veteran and Green Beret Jeremy Brown right) and FBI agents at his door asking him to infiltrate the Jan. 6 rallies in Washington DC.

The trial of political prisoner Jeremy Brown has been underway since Monday with jury selection, however, the fireworks began to fly immediately on Tuesday and Wednesday!  The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the retired Army Green Beret’s CCTV footage of federal agents offering him a paid informant job on January 6th at his home in December 2020.  Brown is asking others to come forward.

After seeing the testimony of prominent FBI officials lying and the treatment of American citizens being denied their Constitutional rights, he decided to release this footage publicly in March 2021.

He later had his home raided and searched by the FBI in September 2021 after being accused of committing two misdemeanors in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2020.  Jeremy Brown was arrested that day and has been held in prison in Florida ever since.  Brown never went inside the Capitol building.  He never committed any violence.  He did rescue a woman that day from police.  Misdemeanors are now somehow grounds for full-blown tactical raids and searches on retired US military with over 20 years of dedicated service to the Constitution.

During the raid, the FBI found two illegal firearms: a short barreled rifle (SBR) and a sawed-off shotgun, which Brown does not seem to deny.  But they also claimed to have found two M67 fragmentation grenades and a compact disc containing numerous classified “Secret” documents from 2004 and 2005 involving Brown’s role in the Bowe Bergdahl POW recovery mission.  Brown’s attorney claims it was planted.

During opening statements, Master Sergeant Brown’s attorney, Roger Futerman, specifically used the word “planted” when he was referring to the evidence allegedly found by the FBI supporting counts 3-9, which involved the possession of two hand grenades and classified documents.

Coincidentally, all of Brown’s CCTV cameras around the house were turned off by the FBI to protect themselves and their tactics.  According to testimony from a Tampa Police Department detective with 22 years of experience as a bomb tech, law enforcement will often turn off the homeowner’s cameras so that anyone inside the house wouldn’t see them coming.  When Futerman noted that Brown and his girlfriend were already outside of the house and posed no threat, the detective appeared stumped and then claimed it was to protect the tactics used.  They weren’t turned back on once the house was clear of “suspects” and the search began.

Additionally, none of the police officers on the raid had a functioning body camera that day.

Hillsborough Co. Sheriff Detective Belvin Sanchez was on the scene to help process the evidence when he discovered the weapons, grenades and the CD in the blue case inside the RV containing classified documents.

Sanchez couldn’t tell Futerman what time he arrived on the scene though.  Not even simply whether it was morning, afternoon, evening, etc. and he didn’t know if anyone had been inside the RV prior to his arrival. Once he discovered the M67 grenades, they cleared the scene and line of sight for the bomb techs to render it “safe” for two hours.

The two M67 fragmentation grenades had tape wrapped around them.  It was discovered through testing that the tape contained male DNA samples, none of which were matched to Brown.  Further, there were multiple hair types and textile fibers pulled from the tape.  None of them matched Brown’s dog that traveled to D.C. with him as well as over the past several months of use, despite the sticky part of the tape being exposed, as was shown in the pictures today.  The fibers from the segments of carpet throughout the home and RV were not a match either, according to FBI fibers expert, Kimberly Ruebush’s testimony.

U.S. Army Investigator Jacob Pries testified about the tracking of ordinance in the US Government.  The Department of Defense uses broad lot numbers to account for ordinance below Category 1 rockets and missiles, which are individually serialized and tracked, such as “the Javelin and Stinger missiles we’re sending to Ukraine right now.”

Tens or hundreds of thousands of units can be in one particular lot number.  Each unit is stamped with that number, which is used to trace the places its been.  The particular lot number for the two grenades allegedly found in Brown’s RV dated back to 1987, which isn’t uncommon.  The lot number bounced around from Germany, all over Iraq and Afghanistan, and the USA.  There was no mention of whether any of those locations correlated with any of Jeremy Brown’s deployments or duty stations.  The dates of the transfers are not maintained, only the locations that the lot numbers have been.  But even if there was a time kept, it would likely be impossible to prove any accessibility because those records aren’t typically kept past 6 years and 3 months time, according to Pries.

On Friday, retired Green Beret, US Army Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown will take the stand in his own honor and defense.

More updates to come.  Court is recessed tomorrow while the Government’s last witness is returning from vacation.




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