J6 Political Prisoner and Jesus Christ Super Star Broadway Actor Writes Moving Letter on His Horrific Ordeal – Needs Our Help This Christmas Season

James Beeks is a Broadway actor, award-winning TV personality, and world traveler.

James attended the January 6 protest in Washington DC.  He walked towards the Capitol alongside members of the Oathkeepers after leaving President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse.  Not all of the Oathkeepers there knew him, but he introduced himself and said was familiar with some of their social media posts.

James and the crowd he was with walked inside the US Capitol for about 26 minutes. They allegedly shouted at police, saying, “Get out” of “my Capitol!”  Screaming at Capitol Police is not a crime, just ask the Democrats.

There is no footage showing James engaged in violence.

J6 prisoner James Beeks wrote a letter this week to Gateway Pundit to post for our readers.

James asked us to share this letter with The Gateway Pundit readers.

“I am a J6 accused and I desperately need help with my case against these false allegations. I am telling my side of the story and I would like your help in publishing my letter.  Thank you for all you have been doing and continue to do for J6ers.  I am confident we can win under common law defense and I have great counsel,” Mr. Beeks told The Gateway Pundit.

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My fellow Americans, my name is James Beeks (aka James Justis) and I have been mischaracterized in the media for the past year as something I am not. This letter is to reintroduce myself to you as a humble man, and proud American who is here to set the record straight. As we should all know by now, the propaganda has been at very high levels in the past few years, especially now with the release of the Twitter files, and we do not know who or what to believe anymore. I have lost everything including my reputation, job, friends, even family, and am on life support due to false allegations surrounding me regarding January 6th and the narrative the media has painted on me.

I have been publicly mocked, shamed, slandered, defamed, ridiculed on many levels of society and it has been a very traumatic year as my life has been uprooted by this situation. It has been interesting to see how people continue to believe the narratives of the people in the mainstream media who are so untrustworthy and do not care for them at all. I am writing to you in love and peace, and I will say here and now that I care for you and have no reason to lie.

The media, powerful people, the social media companies alike have painted innocent Americans, like me, against one another, and we continually fail to look at who is truly to blame for the division in our society. It’s a tactic that has been used time and time again, throughout history, to distract the people from what is really going on. I am asking you to read this earnest letter with an open mind and heart.

I grew up in Jacksonville Florida and have overcome many obstacles, especially as a melanated man growing up in the south. My very first memories are of being abused and abandoned in the foster care system, to living in poverty, and getting out of that with no criminal record becoming a five-time Broadway star, award-winning TV personality, and world traveler, (on my 4th passport). I was respected, admired, and on my way to greater heights until the incidents of January 6th, 2021. You have heard the narrative of the media on who I am, but now here is my story.

As we were all forced to sit at home from the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 drama we were also forced to watch our cities and nation being burned to the ground and innocent people, mostly black being murdered. The violent 2020 riots were not only horrifyingly devastating, but we saw certain leaders encourage it all in the name of ‘social justice’, and for people like you and me to be scammed out of money to an organization that is now under investigation for corruption.

One black man that was killed was named David Dorn, a 70-year-old man, retired cop, who was simply trying to protect his neighborhood and property from being vandalized. I was raised by my grandmother (from age 5-18), and my adopted father is an ex-cop, I have an utmost respect for the elderly and law enforcement and this event impacted me very deeply. So, I promised myself that if there was a chance for me to help in a situation like this, I would heed the call.

Keep in mind, I am not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat, I am a moderate (centrist) in most aspects of my life, and I love my country and I accept her as she is, the good and the bad; there is nothing perfect in this world, and that is a fact of life. As one who has traveled the world, I must say I am proud to be an American and would encourage all Americans to travel and experience other cultures to truly appreciate what we have here.

When then President Trump invited people to come up to Washington D.C. and peacefully protest, I thought this could be a chance to be a peacekeeper and help others especially the ones who were not able to defend themselves. With the incidents of the 2020 riots and the agent provocateur campaigns going into crowds and infiltrating them, I thought this would be an opportune time to help keep the peace as best I can. I had heard that the Oath Keepers (OK) were ex-military, ex-law enforcement, like my adopted dad who is a great man, were going to be there to help be security for the crowd. So, I decided to join and meet up to help out. I had no idea about any plot to overthrow the government, in fact I renounce any violence of any kind as that was not my intention on that day. I was not on any chats or had any communication with any of them beforehand or after. The only connection I have with them is a one-time membership payment, but the media now paints me as a ‘dues paying member’. I am officially and on the record denouncing any of that, and I am no longer an oath keeper member. However, I do hold an oath to protect the constitution for the United States of America and its people.

I have been slandered as a ‘sovereign citizen’, which I vehemently deny, I am simply a man with protected rights, like you, who has been accused of something that has nothing to do with harming any man or woman or destroying any one’s property, there is no evidence of that and if there is please someone bring it forth. In fact, when we were pushed inside by others and the force of the crowd there was no way to go but in, I did not force my way in, I have evidence of that. Watch here.

After I was inside my only thought was to do no harm and to protect myself, the building, and others. If the over 14,000 hours of video on that day were released, you would probably see that the OK were being buffers between rowdy people and the police in the hallway. In fact, we were protecting one cop (Officer Dunn) and got him back with his unit, which I have witnesses who will testify to this fact. All of a sudden, a rush of people came running in crushing me between the cops and the rushing crowd. After the bear spray from the cops dispersed the crowd, we went outside and remained at the top of the stairs, near the Columbus doors, continuing to protect the cops again from the rowdy crowd. But this is a narrative that is not being told to the public, so here I am to tell you my side of the story despite the harmful allegations against me.

With that, I have decided to present my own action and defend my good name in this upcoming trial which is now slated for February 1, 2023; according to the rules of common law; 7th Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. This defensive action will be costly, so I am asking for your help to clear my name. If you could find it in your heart to help with my pro per defense and assistance of counsel, together we can stand up for what is right and restore the republic for ourselves and our prosperity for many generations to come.

Please donate to my crowdfunding campaign to help us win this case, I cannot do this alone: www.givesendgo.com/jamesthejust. I am an innocent man who was caught up in the melee and involved in a confusing situation where everything is not so clear, but I am clear that my intentions were to do no harm and I remain with clean hands and a pure heart.

I am not a perfect man and I have made many mistakes in my life, but if there is any man or woman out there in whom I have harmed in any way I ask you to come forth so that I can ask forgiveness and make remedy for my error. Thank you for reading this and I hope we can continue to live free in the greatest country on earth. May God bless all who read this and may God bless America.

***Please donate to his GiveSendGo here.

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