J6 Political Hostage David Dempsey Faces 14 To 20 Years In Prison – Please Support this Young Father Here!

Political prisoner David Dempsey faces 14 to 25 years in prison after protesting the fraudulent 2020 presidential election in the nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2020.
“Am I still living in America?” says David, “This is something that I sit and ponder on at different times of the day while I waste away in our nation’s capital.”
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Many of the J6 defendants and Trump supporters who attended the rally maintain protesters were attempting to help people, including Roseanne Boyland, from getting beaten by cops and they have video proof to back them up.  As a result, these patriots face assault charges today.
Surveillance cameras captured more than 14,000 hours of footage between noon and 8 p.m. on Jan. 6.
These videos would provide a more complete picture of what happened that fateful day, but the US Capitol Police, backed by federal prosecutors, have strictly controlled who can see them and how much footage can be shared with the public.
David Dempsey with his daughter.
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Here is David Dempsey’s letter:
Am I still living in America?
My name is David Dempsey and I am one of the political prisoners being held in the DC gulag. I have been held in this jail for nearly a year and a half. In that timeframe things have gone from bad to worse. This place is absolutely terrible and one would be hard pressed to believe that the White House and Capitol Building are a mere few miles away from here.
I titled this with the question, “Am I still living in America?” because this is something that I sit and ponder on at different times of the day while I waste away in our nation’s capital.
On its face that question seems self-explanatory; of course I’m still here. What I’m referring to is not a geographical landmass, but rather a place distinct from everywhere else on Earth based on a set of laws and principals derived from the single greatest collection of political documents ever penned: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights. These items and our adherence to them is what makes America, America.
So this begs the question, why would anyone ask such a thing while they sit in America’s capital? The answer is simple yet tragic, because I’m not. Well, not in the traditional sense anyway. I am here, I’m just not here while enjoying the freedom that so many have fought and paid the ultimate price for since our nation’s founding. No, I’m sitting in here for the very reason our Founding Father’s created our great land: To have freedom.
Freedom that should be afforded to every last one of us here in America.
What is my crime that led to my unjust incarceration you might ask? I have a different opinion and ideological viewpoint than what the federal government demands that I adhere to. I dissented from what the government tried to force on We The People. I spoke the truth and I said that they stole the election from us and Trump. That I refuse to acknowledge a geriatric pedophile as the rightful President, and that I won’t accept the decisions handed down that came out of crooked kangaroo courts which suppressed massive voter fraud due to being on the payroll of the elites. Worst of all to them is that I support Donald Trump. That is why the government is holding me in the DC Jail.
To say the treatment here is subpar is like saying the saying the surface of the sun is cold. This place is a destroyer of your mind, body, and livelihood. Nothing about this hellhole is worthwhile, it steals the life from your very soul.
Being here robs you of your dignity as well. From the total absence of family and friends, minus the telephone, to the decrepit conditions all throughout the jail, to the political discrimination displayed openly against me, this place serves as a trifecta of grotesque abuse of my basic human rights.
The conditions of this place are horrendous. Toilets rimmed with mold and actual shit; clogged sinks with putrid smells emanating from the drains; peeling paint covered in snot, hair, and God knows what else. Meals that look and smell like dog food and rotten milk, with the added bonus of everything tasting like it’s been seasoned with cleaning chemicals.
This place offers no solace from the woes of life—rather, it exploits and enhances them. Normal problems outside of here are worsened by my being here, and I have no outlet of relief to pursue. I can’t go to a friend’s house if I need help with anything. I can’t go for a walk to clear my mind. I can’t visit a dying family member or attend a funeral if the worst happens.
Case in point, my Grandmother suffered a massive stroke and was on oxygen in the hospital a few days ago. It was three days before I found out because my family couldn’t afford to put money on the damn payphone. To make matters worse, during this time my Father was calling the jail for those three days so I could be informed of what happened. What did the jail do? As soon as my Dad told them I was in the Patriot Pod they gave him the runaround. They even claimed that I wasn’t here in the jail. When he got a hold of the chaplain she told him, “We don’t talk to those people.”
This place is beyond evil and sick. How could someone hate Trump and his supporters so much they’d be willing to lie to someone in order to avoid telling them their family member could be dying or worse? Torture doesn’t have to be physical, it can be psychological too. Yet this nightmare isn’t set to end anytime soon.
The crooked DC courts want to give me a plea deal of 14 to 18 years and 20 to 25 years if I lose at trial. Since I can’t afford a private attorney, I am left to the whims of the public defender’s office. Due to this, my situation seems bleak at best.
In all of this I have left behind a five year old daughter that I never get to see, and if the courts have their way, I won’t see her again until her mid-20’s. Every day she forgets me more and more. Given the way things are going, she won’t even miss me because she won’t even know who I am anymore. The mental anguish of not seeing my daughter is just as devastating as the psychological damage done to her by growing up in a fatherless household.
Meanwhile the lame-stream media can’t help but to slander me—having been reduced to a talking point to push a false narrative by those on the left, or being used a scapegoat by R.I.N.O’s to shift focus from their failed policies in order to diminish support for Trump. In doing so they have purposefully left out the most important thing in all of this: that I am a human being. A real person. A Father. A brother. An Uncle. A friend. A Patriot. Someone who loves and is loved. Someone who has a heart and a conscience. Someone who is a red-blooded American who loves God and this country. Someone who wants the best for all of us.
So while they may have stolen these last two elections and my freedom, they can’t steal the love and pride I have for the beautiful country I call home. So “Am I still living in America?” You’re God damn right I am! No stolen elections or whacked out Democrats are going to change that fact. Remember, just don’t pray for hope. Pray to have the courage to save our Republic once and for all. It’s still possible, we’re just going to have to fight like hell to save Her.
Thank you for lending me your time today. God bless you, God bless Trump, and God bless America. Let’s Go Brandon!
David Dempsey
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