Hunter’s Laptop From Hell Becomes Christmas Song “Rudolph’s Laptop”

Joe Biden, buoyed by federal agencies and his dutiful sycophants in the mainstream media, have done everything they can to keep Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell out of the public consciousness.

First, they lied and tried to convince people it was Russian disinformation.

In fact, at least 51 former senior intelligence officials  openly lied about the laptop being ‘Russian Disinformation.’

The FBI actively worked to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story published by the New York Post in October 2020.

After the FBI took possession of the laptop from computer repair shop owner Jahn Paul Mac Isaac in December 2019, the agency killed the story and refused to investigate the contents.

John Paul Mac Isaac later gave a copy of the computer hard drive to Rudy Giuliani. The FBI was illegally tapping into Rudy’s calls and tracking his communications online. They knew Rudy had a copy of the laptop. They devised a plan and warned Big Tech about the story encouraging Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. to kill the story.

The FBI later said they lost the laptop.

A FBI whistleblower claims FBI brass told employees NOT to look at Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

If you don’t laugh, you are going to cry.

Ariel Pink released a Christmas song, ‘Rudolph’s Laptop’ finding humor in a humorless situation.

Pink came under fire from the cancel loving left in 2021 for attending the January 6 event.

The lyrics include:

Laptop from hell they call it
Laptop they memory-holed it
Close call, they took it down
No sweat we’re safe and sound
Laptop from hell they called it
Laptop they memory-holed it
Di** pics and crack-cocaine
And China and Ukraine


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