Holiday Hope from Tommy Robinson: “The Battle will be Won in the USA”

Tommy Robinson: “The world is relying on you, America”

This holiday season has been a bleak time for patriots. Gateway Pundit presents messages of hope from around the world in these dark times.

Tommy Robinson is one of the world’s most politically persecuted people, having been imprisoned five times for crimes including reporting outside a rape gang’s trial, traveling to the USA under a false identity (usually no problem for migrants) and alleged mortgage fraud on his brother-in-law’s mortgage.

Speaking to Gateway Pundit readers, Tommy says he’s “watched anxiously what’s happened in the United States… I felt your pain in 2020, when your election was stolen, and recently, Kari Lake’s. I know how you’re feeling. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what we can’t do. We cannot let apathy become a weapon for them. We are at war, believe that. It’s a war of information.”

“Whenever you feel defeated,” Tommy says, “think of the generations that went before. Think of the soldiers in the Civil War, and how they felt. “Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself, I think of Normandy, and then I slap myself.”

“We look to you in America for inspiration”, Tommy said. “The Battle will be won in the United States… Come back in the new year fighting for freedom as you’ve never fought before, because the world is relying on you.

YouTube took the video down for “Election Denial”- WATCH HERE ON GETTR!