Good Neighbors With Guns Detain Man Who Broke Into a Michigan Home With Children Inside

Good neighbors with guns detained a man accused of breaking into a home with children inside until police arrived.

Two armed neighbors of the home invasion victim saw the man run into a home where two children were inside.

Just after 7:30 a.m., the police were called about a man “jumping on a car and yelling” and being disorderly.

The situation escalated, and the man went into the home of a 41-year-old woman who lives with her 13 and nine-year-old children — both of whom were home during the break-in.

Two armed neighbors with concealed carry permits saw the situation unfolding and sprung into action.

The men detained the suspect until police arrived and arrested him.

Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Miguel Gomez told MLive that the neighbors likely prevented anyone from getting hurt and that the suspect appeared to be on drugs.

“No injuries occurred due to the quick action of the two citizens that took control of the suspect shortly after him gaining entry into the home,” Gomez said. “It is unknown what the suspect’s intentions were, but he did appear to be under the influence of drugs.”

The suspect will face arraignment on charges of first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of property more than $1,000 but less than $20,000 — according to the MLive report.

The suspect’s name has not been publicly released at this time, but he is said to be 32-years-old.


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