“Freedom of Speech is the Foundation of a Free Society and Without it a Tyrant Can Wreak Havoc Unopposed While His Opponents Are Silenced” – Pamela Geller Shares from the Heart on America Today

Pamela Geller was on the Joe Hoft Show on TNTRadio.live to discuss the United States that we are living in today.

Pamela Geller was on with Joe Hoft today and discussed the US status quo today.

Pamela and Jim Hoft go way back.  She reminded the listeners today of sitting with Jim at the United Nations in the mid-2000s and never imagining what we would be seeing today.  She knows what it was like as a little girl in New York enjoying freedom.

Pamela was reminded of what she shared a year ago – the foundation of our country is the 1st Amendment but without free and fair elections, it’s all just gibberish.

She continued with that theme today.  Pamela shared:

The people have no say and it is the opposite, the polar opposite of what this country was founded on.  You see they’re acting with impunity.  They’re literally without consequences.  It’s power without accountability…

…We’re living in an upside down world.  It’s really a narley inverted world where good is evil and evil is good.  It harkens back to the Bible.

And of course, the principle of free speech, as Ayn Rand said, is not concerned with the content of a man’s speech.  It doesn’t protect only the good ideas.

Geller discussed Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged, calling her arguably America’s most significant political theorist and political philosopher of the past century.

She went on to say the greatest enemy of women is feminism and that transgender people are mocking women.  “We’re living in a terrible age of oppression and censorship.”  America is now moving to doublespeak.

It’s really quite frightening.  Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society and without it a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed while his opponents are silenced.  Look, that’s us…Political opinion has been designated now as hate speech.

Listen to the entire interview with one of America’s greatest thinkers today starting at the 9:00 minute mark below.

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