Family Speaks Out: Coast Guard Member Being Forced Out Six Months Before Retirement For Refusing the Jab

Sarah Harkins’ husband Chris has devoted 19 years to the U.S. Coast Guard. He requested, and was denied,  a religious exemption regarding the COVID vaccine mandate. Now, he is being forced out of service six months short of retirement.

President Trump personally intervened to make sure the Coast Guard got paid during a shutdown during his term.

Joe Biden offered an empty thank you to a Coast Guard hero for his bravery during Hurricane Ian,  but will not address the thousands like him who are losing their careers over the mandate.

The Free Thinker reports:

According to his superiors, it was “his choice” not to take the experimental shot.

This level of injustice is hard to fathom. The upper left decoration in that photo is the Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal. Chris earned this through a visiting Navy exercise last year. That means his performance level was recognized by an entirely different service, even as he was fighting to stay in the Coast Guard.

You’d think the Coast Guard would be eager to hold on to such people.

But according to Chris, people are “scrambling over each other to get out.” He said recruitment and retainment numbers are at all time lows, and he knows how high they should be, since he was a recruiter for four years.

The following is an open letter Sarah posted on Facebook and is shared with her permission:

Buckle up friends. It’s about to be a bumpy ride…

Today is my dear husband’s last day in the United States Coast Guard. After 19 years in, just 6 months shy of when he’d be officially beginning his retirement process, he was forcefully discharged all because he refused to take the emergency use authorized covid vaccine.

For those who don’t know this, just because you’re in the military, doesn’t mean the military member has no rights. This was a bit of a surprise to me too honestly, as I assumed that he was the property of the government when he joined. However, the law protects his religious rights still and it also specifies that the USCG CANNOT force its members to receive an EUA vaccine. It must be FDA approved. Guess who likes breaking the law repeatedly? I’m looking at you USCG!

The Coast Guard is the only branch REFUSING to work with its concerned members, disregarding the law in multiple instances, and removing all members from service who refuse to completely comply with the unlawful vaccine mandate. They are discharged with something called an RE3. This means that they can reenlist within 3 months IF they get the vaccine.

For two years, we have fought this with every fiber of our being. Around 8-9 months ago, my husband who has already been in one of the lawsuits managed by the Liberty Council, reached out to the lawyer, Dale Saran, and made a proposal that would help the USCG members being affected specifically, as the Liberty Council case wouldn’t really help us in the way we hoped.

For those who may not know, Dale Saran represented military members in the 90’s who didn’t want to take the anthrax vaccine, AND WON. Like a modern day Moses, Chris Harkins asked him, “If I find just 50 CG members, would you represent us in court over this issue?” Dale said yes! And for the last 8 months, my husband has often worked an additional 30-40 hours a week on top of his full time military duties, helping to get not 50, but well over 200 members’ affidavits prepared for the legal team, counseling frightened and overwhelmed members and answering innumerable legal questions. This case isn’t just for those who had a religious issue with the vaccine, but anyone in the CG whom were coerced, forced, threatened with discharge, etc due to the covid vaccine.

So, what has my husband done on his last day of service? He has spent the entire day downtown at the office fighting for BASIC things, like just getting the rest of his medical paperwork, so we can leave following his discharge. Fun fact? He will be losing his retirement, as well anyone else near the 20 year mark whom are unvaccinated. Let that sink in. People who have spent nearly 20 years saving lives, sacrificing holidays, births, funerals, birthdays, mental and physical health will lose all they’ve worked for simply because they wouldn’t “bow the knee” to tyranny.

For those unaware of the atrocities happening in the CG, let me fill you in now that I’m able to be more open:

  • Detailers holding desired locations over people’s heads and agreeing to let them have a deeply desired place(near family members) if they get the vaccine.
  • Taking away retirements and forcing people out, despite clear and concise policies protecting members from this treatment. Look into the Sanctuary clause if you’re curious… any member that has at least 18 years in CANNOT be discharged and lose their retirement.
  • Members losing rank and pay, but still being expected to perform said duties.
  • Members experiencing unfair treatment such as not being allowed to travel, leave their desk area without a mask, etc.
  • ***Automated refusals on all religious accommodations even though legally, each one should be reviewed and RESPECTED, according to the LAW.***
  • Intimidation tactics, and manipulation galore.
  • Loss of security clearance without adequate proof nor procedure. (This can severely hurt someone looking for a job that utilizes that clearance because it makes that person seem untrustworthy.)
  • Character maligning.

The list goes on. And I will be unveiling that as time goes on. Why? Because the truth should be known. And the evil that has persisted will not be left in the dark any further.

An emergency use authorized vaccine should NEVER be forced. We are only now seeing some of the effects that these vaccines have had on some people. It should be a personal choice that should be respected, across the board. Being forced to participate in human trials under duress is unconscionable. Being forced to do something that violates your religious rights is wrong AND unconstitutional.

So, the Harkinses are leaving Juneau, AK, early and without retirement because of what Commandant Linda Fagan has ordered, even though she had/has absolutely no recourse to do so.

We are fighting for not only our rights , but for those who’ve been trampled on for two years and STILL CONTINUING. It’s not right and we are not giving up until the powers that be back down and restore what has been and still is being taken from everyone involved.

God is our provider. And while I can say we have forgiven those accountable for what they’ve done, we will not stand idly by while those in power use that power evilly and decimate those USCG members and destroy their livelihoods, simply for unmitigated power and control.

My post is public and can be shared. I’d like to share it all the way to the White House. Let’s do something about this! Some things really are worth fighting for. Are you with me? With us? With those that have been hurt because of greed, power and pride? Now is your time to show it.

President Joe Biden

Commandant Linda L. Fagan

The White House

Dale Saran

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard

Members of the Coast Guard have filed a case in the US District for the Southern District of Texas.

The Coast Guard’s case, Bazzrea et al v. Mayorkas et al,  begins in Court on December 15th.


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