EVIL: School Social Worker in Maine Pressured Teen Girl to Flatten Her Breasts and Not Tell Her Parents (VIDEO)

Perhaps the right needs to reconsider the term “groomer” because this may be too kind for some radical transgenderism activists. A sinister scheme uncovered at a Maine school this month jumps from “mere” grooming to flat-out encouraging an innocent child to self-harm.

The Maine Wire reported Saturday that a public school worker at Great Salt Bay Community School in Damariscotta, Maine encouraged a 13-year-old girl to transition to a boy. He furthered warned her not to tell her parents what they were doing.

Samuel Roy, the school worker in question, is a 26-year-old University of Maine graduate student with only a conditional license to practice social work. This means that he not only broke school policy by asking the child to keep a secret, but he also lacked the qualifications to counsel her to begin with.

The girl’s mom, Amber Lavigne thankfully discovered the plan earlier this month and ended up saving her daughter from severe physical harm. What Roy had in store for her child was worse than puberty blockers.

The plan Roy put forth beginning in October, the same month he was assigned to the girl, called for her to use a chest binder to flatten her breasts. Yes, he wanted the child to use an object to smash her breasts as hard as possible.

The Daily Wire spells out just how dangerous the binding process is:

“Binding can cause a litany of negative effects, including rib fractures, shortness of breath, potentially chronic back and chest pain, bad posture, overheating, numbness, lightheadedness, and fungal infections. A 2016 study found that more than 97% of people reported at least one of 28 different negative effects due to binding.”

Roy may have caused the girl to suffer permanent disability had his scheme worked.  A young life forever altered by a malevolent and disturbed individual.

Lavigne tearfully recounted her family’s experience at the school board meeting last Wednesday:


According to Lavigne, her daughter was originally assigned to another social worker. But when this fell through, the school neglected to tell her that they assigned her child to Roy.

More infuriatingly, Roy remains employed at the school and any notes from his meeting with the girl will remain secret.

She then expressed her fury regarding Roy’s evil actions and the suffering her child endured as a result:

“A social worker at the school encouraged a student to keep a secret. This is the very definition of child predatory sexual grooming. Predators work to gain a victims’ trust by driving a wedge between them and their parents.”

“This secret has caused our child exacerbated symptoms of distress, anxiety, and depression.”

She concluded her speech by demanding the firings of all employees that had knowledge of Roy’s dealings with her daughter. This of course includes Roy because he wanted the secret to begin with.

Lavigne told The Daily Wire on Wednesday that her attorney is filing a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission. She has also withdrawn her daughter from the school.

The greatest threat our nation faces is not overseas but here at home. Please keep the Lavigne family in your prayers.


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