Democrat Wins Massachusetts State House Seat By 1 Vote After Recount – Republican Rep. Originally Won By 10 Votes

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Democrat Kristin Krassner ‘won’ Massachusetts’s 2nd Essex District seat after a recount.

Republican incumbent Rep. Lenny Mirra originally won the race by 10 votes.

After a recount, however, Kassner garnered 11,763 votes compared to Rep. Mirra’s 11,762.

As of right now, the race has yet to be certified by Massachusetts’s Governor’s Council and Rep. Mirra is seeking to challenge the results.

Mirra is looking to challenge signatures on some of the ballots.

Per CBS News:

Mirra, a Georgetown Republican, said attorneys for both sides “challenged or questioned several dozen votes” during the recount.

Only ballots protested at the time during a recount can then be challenged in court.

“Yesterday, in Rowley, they were able to use five spoiled ballots that all went to my opponent. In no other town did they let us use spoiled ballots,” he said, adding that there were several other mail-in votes in Ipswich for which he believes signatures do not match their envelopes.


Currently Democrats hold a super majority in Massachusetts’s state house with 129 seats compared to Republican’s 29 seats.

It appears Kennedy Democrats in Massachusetts have refused to come into the realization that the Democratic Party JFK lifted up has been gone for a long time.


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