Democrat Politicians Urge Clemency for Transgender Child Sex Offender and Murderer Set to Be Executed in Missouri Next Week

Democrat politicians and far-left activists are lobbying for clemency to be granted to a transgender child sex offender and murderer set to be executed next week.

Democrat Representatives Cori Bush and Emanuel Cleaver have sent a letter to Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson urging him to stop the execution.

Scott McLaughlin, who began identifying as “Amber” while on death row, was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in 1992. He then went on to stalk and brutally rape and murder his ex-girlfriend Beverly Guenther, in 2003.

“According to court records, Guenther and McLaughlin met in 2002 and began living with each other shortly into the relationship. But the cohabitation was marred by break-ups that were often so serious that Guenther sometimes had to obtain restraining orders to keep McLaughlin away from her,” Reduxx reports. “In the spring of 2003, Guenther and McLaughlin formally ended their relationship, but McLaughlin continued to pursue the woman, exhibiting stalking behaviors by frequently visiting her place of work and calling her.”

The report continues, “on October 27, 2003, McLaughlin was arrested after burglarizing Guenther’s home. He told arresting officers he was trying to reclaim possessions he left behind at the home while living with Guenther, and was arraigned in November. Guenther had filed for a protective order just two days before McLaughlin murdered her.”

Less than one month later, on November 20, McLaughlin went to Guenther’s job and waited for her.

As she left work and made her way to her vehicle, Guenther ambushed her, forced her to the ground, and sexually assaulted her. He then stabbed her to death, shoved her body in his car, drove to a river, and left her in the underbrush.

The cold-blooded killer was found guilty of forcible rape and first-degree murder. He was ultimately given the death penalty.

In their letter too Gov. Parson, Bush and Cleaver claim that the killer should be given a life sentence instead of being executed due to “gender dysphoria” and “mental health issues.”

“Ms. McLaughlin faced a traumatic childhood and mental health issues throughout her life,” the letter stated. “She experienced horrific abuse and neglect at the hands of various caregivers; court records indicate her adoptive father would frequently strike her with paddles and a night stick, and even tase her. Alongside this horrendous abuse, she was also silently struggling with her identity, grappling with what we now understand is gender dysphoria. The abuse, coupled with the persistent mental turmoil surrounding her identity, led to mild neurological brain damage and multiple suicide attempts both as a child and as an adult.”

The far-left politicians also claimed that executing him would be the “first use of the death penalty on a woman” since 1976.

“Ms. McLaughlin’s cruel execution would mark the state’s first use of the death penalty on a woman since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, and even worse it would not solve any of the systemic problems facing Missourians and people all across America, including antiLGBTQ+ hate and violence, and cycles of violence that target and harm women,” the lawmakers said.


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