Communist Colombian VP Wants “Colonizing Countries” to Pay “Racial Justice” Reparations to African Descendants

The reparations movement is now going global. On Monday, radical left Colombian Vice-President Francia Márquez demanded before the United Nations that predominately white nations pay Afro-descendant and African people for the sin of slavery.

Márquez assumed the VP office under Marxist President Gustavo Petro, a former member of a Colombian terrorist organization. She is the first black vice-president in the nation’s history.

During her speech, Márquez requested “colonizing countries” previously engaged in slavery pay off the foreign debt of countries like hers to “recover the dignity that was expropriated from them.”

“We come here to propose actions to cancel foreign debt as a path of historical reparation for the Afro-descendant population for our countries that continue to pay foreign debt to colonizing countries and that have been committed to slavery,” Marquez said.

Then she went full woke.

She said the U.N.’s establishment of Permanent Forum on People of African Descent in 2021 was an important step toward “joining the fight to overcome structural racism and its impacts on Afro-descendant communities and peoples.”

Márquez further claimed that “structural racism” has “differential effects on the most marginalized groups, such as black women, young people, and people from the LGBTIQ community.”

The Colombian VP then implored westernized U.N. nations to commit toward “racial justice,” citing her country’s commitment toward the practice:

“From the new government, we are committed to consolidating that participation and assuming a greater leadership role in the fight against racism and the protection of the rights of Afro-descendant peoples.”

Márquez finally moved on to speaking nonsense regarding “climate justice.” Climate justice, she said “cannot be discussed without taking on racial and gender justice,” given that environmental deterioration “disproportionately affects African and Afro-descendant populations.” She went on to say:

“The current economic system began with colonization, with slavery, with the subjugation of men and women, and it’s the same system that today is causing life in the ‘big house,’ the ‘big uterus,’ Mother Earth, to collapse.”

An ongoing debate within the United States is whether we should continue funding the United Nations or leave the organization altogether. At first glance, America providing 28% of the total U.N. budget so they can host a forum for racist garbage like this makes little sense. The argument appears even weaker when one considers the abundant corruption and antisemitism within the organization.

The U.S. does have leverage over the U.N. given its permanent vote on the Security Council and resources provided. One option is to attach strings to funding in order to force the U.N. to adopt fundamental reforms and utilize our veto power more often. Should this fail, however, justification for continued membership is impossible.

America can no longer afford to tolerate racist and woke rhetoric from communist politicians like Márquez. We better act fast before becoming part of a global government that fulfills her desires.


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