CAUGHT IN LIES: Latest Twitter Files Release Reveals Feds and Twitter Both Caught Lying, Hiding Evidence in Major Lawsuit; Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Calls Them Onto the Carpet

For the past week, Elon Musk and the new management at Twitter have been publishing secret communications within Twitter between 2020 and the present.

These communications detail not only Twitter’s practice of suppressing (almost exclusively) conservative and dissident speech on topics of election integrity, vaccines, and other topics… but also the massive extent to which Twitter was coordinating with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This coordination on censorship was for the purpose of eliminating speech harmful to the Democratic party, and also speech that was harmful to the preferences of America’s federal ruling elite: the oligarchs who actually run the United States despite all of the BS lip-service paid to democracy.

On Friday night, for example, journalist Matt Taibbi was tapped by Twitter to publish the third traunch of internal Twitter documents, which were posted as tweets on Twitter. See below for some key tweets.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk fired Twitter General Counsel James Baker (formerly the corrupt and fired General Counsel to the FBI, who participated in dirtbag FBI Director James Comey’s conspiracy against Trump and anyone associated with Trump). Baker was fired after Musk caught this deep state traitor destroying, manipulating, and hiding evidence relating to Twitter’s crimes against the American People. To his credit, once Musk caught him, he immediately terminated him.

Hold that thought.

You may recall that Gateway Pundit has been closely following a lawsuit between the states of Missouri and Louisiana on the one hand, and about 30 federal officers and agencies on the other (Missouri, et al v. Biden, et al, pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana).

Full disclosure: Jim Hoft is a plaintiff in this case alongside the states.

Announcement: The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Elevated to Lead Plaintiff in State of Missouri and State of Louisiana Lawsuit vs. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. et al.

That suit has been going on for roughly seven (7) months, but it’s still only getting started. The suit alleges that the federal government conspired with Big Tech to violate the First Amendment rights of tens of thousands or Americans.

Because of the procedural posture of the case, the plaintiffs are not yet able to get into “general discovery.” This means that they don’t yet wield the full investigatory powers that federal lawsuits normally confer upon plaintiffs. Instead, the investigation has been more limited (it’s a long explanation). Bottom line, the plaintiffs have been able to conduct (albeit limited) an investigation into the practices of Twitter, Meta/Facebook, etc., as well as the federal government.

Critically, in the records produced by the federal government as well as Twitter, something strange has occurred: no documents exposing the corrupt actions of the FBI have been brought to light.

This is interesting, because the previous management of Twitter swore they produced (to Missouri and Louisiana in the Missouri v. Biden case) everything they had that was relevant. The feds made the same promise.

However, now, thanks largely to Elon Musk (but also the hard work of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office), we know that Twitter and the federal government were lying to the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana (and the rest of the plaintiffs in that suit, including Jim Hoft). We now know that they tried to pull a fast one.



Because of this the Missouri Attorney General’s office sent a letter to Twitter’s lawyers today, demanding that Twitter come clean now that it fired scumbag traitor James Baker.

The letter highlights Twitter’s bald faced lies (before Musk took over) and demands that Twitter turn over all of the evidence showing the FBI and DHS’s collusion with Twitter to silence the speech of tends of thousands of Americans, shut down the Hunter Biden Laptop Story, and remove Trump from Twitter, among other demands.

Shortly after the Missouri Attorney General’s office sent out that letter, Musk and Taibbi, started to unveil a fresh batch of evidence that demonstrated that communist revolutionaries at Twitter, including the mentally confused bigot Yoel Roth, were gleefully meeting with the FBI and DHS regularly to receive their marching orders (so long as it agreed with their hard left communist worldview).

Because Twitter and the Federal government have now been caught lying red-handed in the course of a federal lawsuit, we wait with baited breath for the federal judge in the case to be made aware of the lies. We love Musk, but justice must be done. The truth must come out, and bad actors like James Baker must be sanctioned by the court – even when (ESPECIALLY WHEN) they’re deep state swamp creatures.

We hope James Baker is held in contempt in court and rots in jail. If there is justice, he will rot.

Twitter AND the Federal Government were just caught red handed lying in a federal lawsuit. Their lawyer – including their department of justice lawyers – should and must be sanctioned, if not disbarred.

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