Biden’s EPA Prepares to Kill Alaska Mine Project Despite Billions in Potential Revenues and Little Threat to Environment – Murkowski Opposes Project Too

Biden’s EPA is preparing to kill a mine proposal in Alaska that will end billions in revenues for the state.  Senator Murkowski agrees with the mine closure. 

The Biden Administration and Democrats are hell-bent on destroying America.

With a wealth of natural resources under our feet, Americans are blessed.  But Biden acts like China is in charge and kills actions that help America while pushing an agenda that destroys the country.

A large mining project has been in the works in Alaska for years.  It will bring billions in revenues to the state and the country.  However, the Democrats aren’t for prosperity in our nation.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended prohibiting the operators of Southwestern Alaska’s Pebble Mine from disposing of waste material in the nearby Bristol Bay, a regulation that would prevent the mine from opening. However, the mine could generate billions in revenue by producing minerals that are crucial in supporting the Biden administration’s “clean energy transition.”

The EPA said Pebble Mine’s potential waste discharges would threaten nearby sockeye salmon fisheries by polluting the water and preventing the fish from spawning and reproducing, according to an agency proposal released Thursday. Despite this, the mine would extract about 1.5 billion tons of copper, molybdenum as well as other critical minerals and could deliver more than $8 billion to Southwestern Alaska, according to a report published by Northern Dynasty Minerals, the mine’s owner.

“This isn’t just about Pebble … the precedent this is setting is frightening and will be used going forward by those wanting to stop projects and will send an absolutely chilling message to the investment world about opportunities in the U.S.,” Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Jason Brune told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers found that Pebble Mine “would not be expected to have a measurable effect on fish numbers and result in long-term changes to the health of the commercial fisheries in Bristol Bay,” in its final environmental impact statement published in July 2020. However, the EPA stated that mining waste would result in the total loss of aquatic habitats important to the sockeye salmon’s survival.

Alaska’s elections were recently manipulated and conservative candidates were beaten by RINOs and a far-left Democrat.  The corrupt and ultra-RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski was the beneficiary of the recent election.  She is a horrible representative for her state.

RINO Alaska Senator Murkowski is opposed to the mine and therefore hundreds of well-paying jobs and billions in revenues to the country and state.

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