BEIJING BETSY Whistleblower: A Third of Betsy DeVos’ Wealth Comes from China

Betsy DeVos took a role in the Trump administration for four years and angrily quit on her way out, claiming that she no longer believed in the President and that he was ‘unconscionable’ after the January 6th protest. Eighteen months later when she wanted a coveted endorsement for her primary candidate for Michigan Governor, she was handwriting a lying glowing letter saying that she always loved the President and was just misquoted.

The Gateway Pundit exclusively obtained Betsy’s lying handwritten letter when no other media outlet could, and after they copied our reporting and took the images, they never cited to your Gateway Pundit.

The shift in Betsy DeVos’ tone towards Trump, many in Michigan believe, was the start of a campaign to prep moderate RINO NeverTrumper Betsy DeVos to run for statewide office in Michigan either as the U.S. Senate candidate at the next opportunity or as the candidate for Governor in four years.


Yet her extensive financial ties to Communist China, which are mirrored by many other Michigan RINOs like RINO State Senator Mike Shirkey, have so far gone largely unnoticed.

One former Amway senior official came to the Gateway Pundit to warn Michigan and America that “Beijing Betsy should not be trusted!”

Betsy DeVos owns at least 12% of Amway, constituting the bulk of her estimated $2 billion net worth.

The 2012 goal of the Amway Corporation was to increase the share of their $12 billion in annual revenue to show a third of their revenue, or $4 billion, coming directly from sales to China.

Amway’s founders marketed to a Communist Chinese consumer audience.

The Chinese market are heavy consumers for two of Amway’s key products: water and air filtration. The Amway water filtration device is called “ESpring” and is essentially a UV lamp run over water. The Amway air quality device sells for upwards of $500 in China and nearly $1200 in the more lucrative U.S. market.

Amway makes billions selling small-scale electronic consumer products in Asia.

Many of the Amway products were created and patented in a division called “Fulton Innovation” that employed dozens of electrical engineers and others to conduct research and development for the Amway corporation. This division was shuttered in 2012 and most of the employees, primarily American workers, were laid off. The products produced by this division have been monetized in products for sale in China.

The American workers were laid off but the Chinese profits remained.


The Innovation division also worked on wireless power technologies that are still in use by other major manufacturers nationwide. The Amway corporation also pursued lucrative collaborations with Chinese agriculture.

A fawning 2013 article in the Washington Post notes that “Amway Thrives in China” and notes that the company, the company owned by Betsy DeVos, sponsored China’s team at the 2012 Olympic games.

These business connections with the global leader in Communism goes against decades of marketing that presented the DeVos family as reliable conservative stalwarts. As well, the political left loves demonizing the DeVos family making many conservative voters wrongly think that the family is solidly conservative. 

The DeVos family have been working against conservative candidates in Michigan for over a decade. Here is what long-time activists outline about the DeVos record in Michigan:

  • DeVos money and organizations have purged conservative precinct delegates for years, including spending thousands to send lying mailers against delegates.

  • Even before Trump, they were actively and constantly purging conservatives from any position of authority in state politics, state party, and conservative groups around the state.

  • DeVos money always flowed freely to RINOs like Rep. Peter Meijer and Rep. Fred Upton, but never to reliable conservative candidates in the state.

  • DeVos and her network financially supported every primary opponent to Trump-endorsed candidate in the Michigan House. They did not donate a dollar to any of the eight Trump-endorsed candidate, except one.


DeVos money and donations have slowly been corrupting conservative groups in Michigan for years, causing many formerly good groups to veer left and get comfortable with establishment Republicans. DeVos completely funds the Freedom Fund, Great Lakes Education Project, and A League of Their Own which recruits female candidates for office. Their donations have substantially corrupted Michigan Right to Life and the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity, among others.

One former Amway engineer shared that the DeVos family was originally very conservative in their first generation, but that the following generations have been much more liberal, including Betsy DeVos, who married into the family and is from the wealthy Prince family in West Michigan, “Rich DeVos would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what Betsy was doing to his legacy.”

A businessman who does a great deal of business in China, whom we are keeping anonymous because he fears retaliation both from DeVos and the Chinese Communists, explained that in order to do business in China you have to work with the Party infrastructure first and foremost. “If you’re doing business there of any significant scale, you have to make the Communist Party happy. You don’t get to do business in China unless the Communist Party consents.”

The Betsy DeVos network has heavily funded and subsidized libertarian former Congressman and NeverTrumper Justin Amash as well, Amash being a noted foe of Trump’s agenda during his Presidency. Amash was replaced by his friend Peter Meijer who first ran as a Trump conservative and then immediately went hard-left when elected, supporting the fake Trump impeachment effort after the January 6th protests.

Patriots assembled to protest NeverTrump psycho Rep. Justin Amash, while Betsy DeVos kept funding Amash.

Amway stands for the “American Way” which is ironic now that it serves an increasing Chinese market to line Betsy’s pockets so she can corrupt politics with that money while lying about her record.

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