Beautiful Story of Kindness Amidst Chaos in Buffalo

Image: Screenshot Twitter @KimberlyLaRussa

The winter bomb cyclone dumping snow and cold weather across the country hit Buffalo and Western New York hard.  The area faced hurricane force winds and snow leading to whiteout conditions.

Despite the sad stories of damage, fatalities and looting, there are heartwarming stories coming out as well.

Twitter user Kimberly La Russa shared the beautiful story of a 64 year old mentally disabled man, Joey, who was saved from the frigid conditions, and probable death, by a kind stranger, Sha’Kyra Aughtry.

Aughtry did more than just bring Joey into her home. She tenderly cared for him providing warmth, food, comfort and love.

Joey’s sister says Sha’Kyra saved her brother’s life.

Read the beautiful story below.



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