ANOTHER NASTY SURPRISE: GOP Sellouts Gave Biden Regime $11 MILLION to Target Gun Owners in Repulsive Omnibus Bill

We all are accustomed by now to the GOP treating conservatives like Chip Diller in Animal House (Thank you sir, may I have another!). So naturally the RINO sellouts in Congress decided to hand our God-given 2nd Amendment rights over to the most anti-gun regime in American history.

Gun Owners of America went through the 4,000+ page omnibus package and uncovered $11 million worth of weaponry to oppress law-abiding gun owners. Prepare to feel the rage:

Arguably the worst part of the package is the money for so-called red flag laws. These allow the government to “legally” steal your firearms and strip your due-process rights even in the absence of a crime.  Credit to MAGA patriot Lauren Boebert for discovering this blatantly unconstitutional scheme.

The news gets even worse, however. The “Republicans” also rewarded the radical ATF a 14.1% raise to help enforce the Regime’s attempt to ban firearms. A massive agency that should no longer exist.

Democratic representatives are also gloating over the money the GOP just handed them. Check out far-left Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee bragging about all the anti-gun pork in the bill:

Never forget the names of those voted to sell out your right to bear arms. First the 18 Senate Republicans:

And the nine House traitors. Only two (Fitzpatrick, Womack) are returning to Congress next month.

Wonder what other hidden items will be unearthed from the omnibus in the near future. Safe to assume they will prove detrimental to conservatives.


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