In 2018 Jack Dorsey Said “We Certainly Don’t Shadow Ban Based on Political Viewpoints” – Today It Was Confirmed that Dorsey Was Lying

Today it was confirmed who the real Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, really is.  We knew it all the time. 

For years The Gateway Pundit knew Twitter was censoring and shadow-banning The Gateway Pundit account.  In the lead-up to the 2016 Election, TGP could tell how much impact an article had based on the number of retweets it had.  We knew instantly if an article was getting a little or a lot of attention.

Then towards the end of 2016 before the election things changed with the number of tweets that articles were receiving.  Articles were suddenly not going viral.

This was back in 2016.

By the end of 2017, the TGP Twitter traffic had fallen significantly.  We knew something was going on.

But no matter what we knew and saw, Jack Dorsey at Twitter declared to the world that Twitter was not shadow-banning individual accounts.

This didn’t change for TGP as other accounts on the Internet were noticeably banned as well.  We noticed the President of the United States, and arguably Twitter’s greatest user ever was being shadow-banned by Twitter.

President Trump’s Twitter Account @realDonaldTrump Continues to be Censored and Shadowbanned by Twitter

Yesterday, Jack told Elon to “release everything” related to the past.   It was a bold statement for someone who had been shadow-banning people and lying about it.

Today it was confirmed – Jack Dorsey was shadow-banning accounts on Twitter and he was a member of a team that was doing it   Dorsey, we confirmed, was a liar.

The work of Jack’s team was done in secret.

Now we know that Jack lied when he said he wasn’t banning people based on a political leanings.  Of course, they were. 

Note:  Jim Hoft’s huge Gateway Pundit account and Joe Hoft’s much smaller account are still suspended on Twitter.

This is how Twitter worked.  They started with shadow-banning and then they ended with all-out suspensions.

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