Xi Jinping Scolds Justin Trudeau Like a School Boy – Calls Him Out in Front of Cameras for Leaking Their Convo to Reporters (VIDEO)

CCP leader Xi Jinping’s latest interaction with Justin Trudeau shows just how much Communist China respects the West.

Towards the end of the G20 Summit, China’s President Xi Jinping boldly approached Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and stated: “Everything we discussed has been leaked to the paper, that’s not appropriate”

Trudeau who looked frozen would respond “In Canada, we believe in free, open, and frank dialogue.”

After being scolded by Xi Jinping, Trudeau looked completely shaken.


Take a look at the 48-52 second mark in the video, it looks as if Trudeau was so startled he forgot how to walk.

Per Reuters, the leaks Xi Jinping was referring to was a conversation Trudeau had with the Communist leader about China interfering in Canadian elections.

Here’s Biden and Trudeau just days before:

Trudeau was very calm and collect when it comes to talking to Communist leader Xi Jinping but when it comes to talking about Canadian citizens, he doesn’t hold back.


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