The Woke Police Want to Ruin Everything – Twitter Feed About ‘Offensive Line’ in Tim Allen Disney+ Show Descends Into Christian Bashing

Tim Allen is back as Santa Claus in a new Disney+ six part mini-series,  “The Santa Clauses.” In it, he reprises his role as Scott Calvin who, after he accidentally kills Santa, steps into the big red suit.

Allen is a rare creature, a conservative in liberal Hollywood. And even more rare, he’s outspoken. That alone is enough to get him on the woke-radar.

The comedian has shared his distain for the “thought police” which sometimes forces him to censor himself during comedy routines. Allen has said, “What I’ve got to do sometimes is explain, which I hate, in big arenas, and this is a thought police thing and I do not like it.”

And now this.

In an episode of the new show, Allen utters the line, “Merry Christmas is suddenly problematic.”

That’s it.  And that one line sent the woke mob into a tizzy on social media.

A second tweet from the user declared ‘shock’ that something like this was in a ‘kid’s series.’

This is coming from the same crowd who seems fine with kindergarteners having story hour with a drag queen.

It didn’t take long for the woke crowd to hijack the already whiny thread and use it as an opportunity to begin the annual pre-Christmas leftist attacks on Christians.




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