WITCHHUNT 4.0: NY Times Makes Baseless Claims Saying Biden DOJ “Investigating” 2018 Recount Protests In Florida 

WITCHHUNT 4.0: NY Times Makes Baseless Claims Saying Biden DOJ “Investigating” 2018 Recount Protests In Florida 

Guest post by Roger Stone 

Earlier this week, ‘reporters “Alan Feurer and Michael Schmidt claimed that federal prosecutors were now investigating protests during the 2018 recount in the state of Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis won by just over 30,000 votes, in an article titled “January 6th Prosecutors Look At Proud Boys Links To 2018 Florida Protest”. This entirely bogus story alleges that Central Florida Post Publisher Jacob Engels, a frequent Gateway Pundit contributor, and I are ‘under investigation. The claim is, as they said in the movie Goodfellas, “a fugazi”.

Brenda Snipes, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections at the time, had a long history of breaking election laws, including illegally destroying ballots. Progressive Democrat Tim Canova, who ran against Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the Democrat primary exposed the illegalities of Snipes and a Florida judge agreed she had broken the law.

While Snipes was ultimately removed from office by then-Governor Rick Scott for violating state election laws, the 2018 recount in mid-November showcased her continued pattern of breaking the law. When it was announced that a recount was triggered because of the close margins in the Governor’s race, US Senate race, and the Commissioner of Agriculture race, hundreds of Floridians began peacefully protesting outside the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, beginning on November 9th (the day after the election) and continuing for several days.

The Times “journalists” Alan Feurer and Michael Schmidt allege in their completely fabricated news story that I somehow directed these protests and that these peaceful and constitutionally protected demonstrations were a “dry run” for what happened in Washington DC on January 6th. In fact, I wasn’t there and merely lauded the courageous and legal activism of others at the time, the New York Times never lets facts get in the way of a juicy bit of “clickbait” that features my name and handsome visage ( LOL).

Yet the only violation of law in 2018 that took place was inside the Broward Board of Elections where Snipes was attempting to accept and count thousands of mysteriously ” found” late ballot drops.

This is a lie made out of whole cloth. Yes, I knew several activists, journalists, and everyday citizens who gathered outside of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, as is their right as Americans. And thank God they did. Jacob Engels, a Central Florida-based journalist, provided real-time live streams of the protests and investigated the almost daily revelations of improperly handled ballots along with fellow independent journalist Laura Loomer. Congressman Matt Gaetz was there too, providing leadership to the entirely legal protest.

Yes, even some members of the Proud Boys and other politically inclined groups were present. Republican  Women’s groups, America First groups, Bikers for Trump, and local GOP executive committee members were among the crowd.

During the recount efforts, Snipes’ office routinely blocked entry from GOP lawyers wanting to oversee the recount process. Ballots were found in returned rental cars at the Fort Lauderdale airport and in broom closets at local schools that were used as polling locations. On several occasions, late night ballot dumps arrived by box trucks that had visibly broken seals on the back hatch.

The courts eventually mandated that GOP lawyers and election supervisors be allowed into the facility to monitor the recount.

However, as the Democrats and their handmaidens in the mainstream media anticipate a massive red wave in next week’s midterm elections, the New York Times has concocted the narrative that the protests in Broward County during the 2018 recount laid the groundwork and served as some kind of template for what would happen three years later on January 6th.

Fugazi New York Times Reporter Michael Schmidt:

The Times fugazi reporters Feurer and Schmidt claim plans were drawn up and money exchanged, and federal prosecutors were investigating the matter. Yet there were no plans, no payments, and no connection to those charged with crimes on January 6th.

Both Feurer and Schmidt are shameless fabricators. It wasn’t but six months ago that they claimed that because Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes had sent a message in a “Friends of Stone” signal chat that it proved I had colluded with Rhodes to lead an insurrection on the United States Capitol on January 6th. This is of course a self-imagined fantasy by both Feurer and Schmidt as I did not read or respond to Rhode’s message in a group chat where dozens of people were active.

Sadly, with the January 6th Committee hearings having been a total nothing-burger, the Democrats still need to feed the beast in a last-ditch effort to activate their voting base to stave off the impending red wave. They know that if Republicans take control of the House and Senate, we will expose their illegal kangaroo courts and the despicable smears they have levied against President Donald Trump, myself, and millions of patriotic Americans.

It wasn’t enough for them to put me through a sham trial overseen by an Obama-appointed judge. It wasn’t enough for them to smear me relentlessly over the past four years. It wasn’t good enough for them to force me into bankruptcy. Thankfully, through a courageous act, President Donald J. Trump issued me a full pardon and commutation of my sentence. It is only through the support of my amazing wife Nydia, renewed faith in Jesus Christ, and support from tens of thousands of Americans who donated to my legal defense fund and family support fund that I am able to remain in the political arena fighting for President Donald Trump, the greatest president of our lifetime and greatest since Abraham Lincoln.

This should be abundantly clear to anyone reading the New York Times article. They are looking for any reason to crack down on constitutionally protected free speech rights and freedom of the press for any journalists who dare to question them.

Following the NYT piece, the Orlando Sentinel published a similar article zeroing in on Central Florida Post publisher Jacob Engels, parroting many of the same lies that NYT journalists Feurer and Schmidt. The headline read “Central Florida Blogger Examined By Prosecutors In Capitol Riot Probe.” Interestingly enough, Mr. Engels was hours away from publishing an expose on how the Orlando Sentinel covered up for a leading Democrat candidate for congress in Central Florida, which you can read here. 

Engels sent me this in response to the Orlando Sentinel and New York Times hit pieces.

“The fact that the Biden Justice Department is now grasping at straws to make the completely lawful and legal protests outside the Broward County Supervisor of Elections during the 2018 recount a self-imagined “dry run” for January 6th would be laughable, if it weren’t so preposterous. Targeting a journalist like myself is not only shocking, but goes against the constitutional protections that all citizens have as it relates to free speech and the protections granted to journalists through freedom of the press. 

Finding upset in my work as a journalist, or disagreements with my conclusions, are in no way grounds to crack down on the rights of any American, myself included. The J6 Committee hearings were nothing more than Kabuki theater, however with Democrats sagging far behind less than one week before midterms, their base needs a boogeyman to continue their wet dreams of “interference” in the elections process.” 

I have been through this too many times to remember. First publications like the NYT make wild claims and then those claims are recycled by the Trump-America First hating media to the point that people believe them as fact.

According to my sources within the Justice Department, no such investigation is underway or even exists, meaning that both Alan Feurer and Michael Schmidt have committed an egregious act of journalistic malfeasance. They should not be taken seriously for one moment, as they made it clear that they are more motivated by their addiction to anti-Trump and anti-America first propaganda than they are by truth.

This latest round of fake news smears by the NYT and Orlando Sentinel should send a clear message to supporters of President Trump and the America First movement — the Democrats and media remain steadfast in their war against the American people and will do or say anything to hold on to power.

We can change that this Tuesday. Vote like your life, your country, your right to worship, your right to question your government, and your right to exist depends on it, because it does.

To help me fight this latest round of fake news smears, you can go to STONEDEFENSEFUND.COM or STONEFAMILYFUND.COM.

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