Watch: Armed Man Follows Woman Home – Things Get Ugly When She Realizes What He’s After

A video released by Chicago police shows the violent prelude to a carjacking.

Police have not yet identified the man who appears in the video and have asked the community for help in apprehending him.

The video shows a woman being attacked inside the lobby of a building.

The man enters after the woman, comes up behind her and appears to shove the woman before she puts up a brief bit of resistance. They struggle, with the woman eventually being knocked to the floor.

WARNING: The following video contains violent images some viewers may find disturbing.



The incident took place on Sept. 24, police said

Are you seeing more carjackings in your own city?

Police said the man, who was armed, took the woman’s car keys, according to WFLD.

Chicago has seen a 40 percent year-to-date increase in crime complaints through Nov. 6 compared to the same period last year, according to Fox News.

According to WMAO, Chicago had 942 vehicular hijackings in 2022 through late July, which averaged to more than four per day.

Through late July, only 57 arrests in those cases had taken place.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart last month unveiled a new program to address carjackings and car thefts, according to Axios.

The program allows owners of cars from the 2014 model year onward to register their vehicles with the Sheriff’s Office. Participants in the program get stickers that can mount on their car, which informs potential thieves that the vehicle could be tracked.

The program comes as Chicago has more than 15,000 car thefts recorded in 2022, with about 3,000 alone in October, according to CBS.

“When we had people in custody for carjacking, we’ve done interviews with them. Things that don’t in any way compromise their criminal case. We just ask them,” Dart said, according to CBS.

“When cars are being tracked does that discourage you, and it was quite unanimous what the opinion was that [they]’ll just go to another car.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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