“Tim Ryan Is a Fraud Who Must Be Defeated” – Even Democrats Warn About Their Party’s Senate Candidate in Ohio, Tim Ryan

Democrat US Representative Tim Ryan always appears angry.  He ran for President in 2020 and made it nowhere.  Now he is running for the US Senate seat in Ohio. 

Ryan has reason to be angry.  His policies are horrible as well as his voting record.  They are so horrible that he is pretending to be a conservative.


Angry Ryan also  claims to be for the people of America an yet he has voted to increase taxes over 100 times.  How does Ryan defend this?


It is so bad for Ryan that Democrats in Ohio are asking fellow citizens in Ohio not to vote for Ryan.

FOX News reports on an oped in an Ohio newspaper this weekend.

The op-ed, published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, was written by Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes “a proud, lifelong Democrat” who holds elected office in the state.

In the essay, Rhodes accuses Ryan of being a “fraud” and urges all voters – Democrats, Republicans and otherwise – not to vote for him.

“It’s because I love my state so much that I’m sounding the alarm about my own party’s nominee for U.S. Senate,” the op-ed reads. “Tim Ryan is a fraud who must be defeated. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, an independent or a Democrat like me − Ryan does not deserve your vote.”

Ryan currently represents the Buckeye State’s 13th Congressional District in the House and is looking to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman. He has attempted to distance himself from party leaders and portray himself as a moderate in the Ohio Senate race against JD Vance, his Republican challenger.

Ryan is angry because it is impossible for him to distance himself from his awful voting record and awful fellow Democrats.  Ryan tries but it just makes him angrier as it’s impossible to do.


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