Third Crypto Boss Dies in Helicopter Crash

What is going on in the crypto world?  And why are crypto bosses dying?

Last week former Morgan Stanley trader and co-founder of the $3 billion cryptocurrency firm Amber Group, Tiantian “TT” Kullander, 30, died suddenly in his sleep on November 23rd.

Tiantian “TT” Kullander

29-Year-Old Crypto pioneer Nicolai Mushegian was found dead a few weeks ago from an apparent drowning just days after warning that the “CIA and Mossad pedo elite” were going to kill him. Mushegian posted the warning on Twitter on October 28th.

And now Vyacheslav Taran, 53, the co-founder of trading and investing platform Libertex, has died in a helicopter crash near Monaco after taking off from Switzerland.

Questions have arisen on how the crash occurred on a day with blue skies and clear weather.

Vyacheslav Taran

The Daily Mail reports:

Since the crash that killed Taran happened in good, clear weather – and after another passenger reportedly cancelled last minute – mystery now surrounds the billionaire’s death.

Taran, the co-founder of trading and investment platform Libertex and Forex Club, was flying from Lausanne with an experience pilot in a single-engined H130 helicopter when it crashed at around 1pm on November 25.

A 35-year-old French pilot was also killed.

The deputy public prosecutor of Nice, who visited the scene, said the fault of a third party could not be ruled out.

Another unidentified passenger had been due to join Taran on the flight, but they cancelled last minute, according to local media.

Taran, a highly successful offshore specialist who has lived in Monaco for the past ten years, has three children with wife Olga, founder of Hello Monaco media.

Ukrainian news agency UNIAN claimed, without citing any evidence, that Taran  was a ‘billionaire crypto businessman with likely ties to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service’.

It alleged he was linked to the SVR foreign espionage agency and was responsible for ‘laundering Russian funds through a system of cryptocurrency operations’.


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