Texas Republican Rep. Mayra Flores Loses Seat to Democrat Vicente Gonzalez

Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores lost Texas’ 34th Congressional seat to Democrat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez.

Gonzales won with 52.7% to Mayra Flores’ 44.3%.

“The RED WAVE did not happen. Republicans and Independents stayed home. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE RESULTS IF YOU DID NOT DO YOUR PART!” Mayra Flores said.

Recall, Mayra Flores won the Texas border town’s Congressional seat in June during a special election after Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela retired.

The seat “ranges from east of San Antonio down to Brownsville, largely along the Gulf Coast before reaching the US-Mexico border,” CNN reported.

Democrat Gonzalez went from the 15th District to the 34th District due to redistricting.

“Retirement and redistricting led to the race pitting the two sitting members of Congress against each other. Flores won the 34th District seat in a special election held after the incumbent, Filemon Vela, retired. Gonzalez jumped from the 15th District to run in the 34th after his district was redrawn to favor Republicans and his home was moved into the 34th District.” NBC News reported.


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