Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters Investigates Bag Full of Ballots Found In California Mountains

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters alongside the United States Postal Service is investigating a large bag full of ballots found in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The ballots were found inside a deep ravine by a woman who was riding her motorcycle.

Julie Neiman the woman who spotted the ballots told KSBW: “They were trying to make it look like people wouldn’t find them. That’s the way I saw it. They were dumped over the edge of the road down this deep ravine. It goes pretty far and it’s very steep.”

After the discovery, many voters were notified about their ballots never making it to the correct destination.

According to NBC, Janet and Lou Witkin were in disbelief to find out their mail-in ballot was found inside a ravine and told NBC “How? How did it get from the mailbox to Santa Cruz?”

Lou Witkin dropped off his ballot at a San Jose Postal office so to find out his ballot was over 32 miles in the mountains has left him searching for answers.

As of now, the Registrar of Voters has no answers and suspects that the ballots were simply lost in transit by the USPS.

This narrative however is extremely vague and doesn’t answer the witness’s claim of the ballots looking as if they were being hidden by someone.


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