Ridiculous Hollywood Virtue Signaling: Actor Rainn Wilson Announces Name Change to ‘Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson’

Actor Rainn Wilson, best known for his role as as Dwight Schrute on NBC’s The Office, has announced he has changed his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson in a grand virtual signaling gesture as part of a PR scheme for activist group Arctic Risk.

Wilson announced the publicity stunt on Twitter.

Hi there.  I’m Rainn Wilson, or should I say Rainnfall Heat Wave …Rising Sea Levels and we have to do something about it now Wilson.

Sorry to get so dark so quick.

You see, what hat happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.

As the polar caps melt, it drives up risks throughout the world, including extreme weather events that affect all of us.

So as a cheap little stunt to help save Planet Earth, I’ve changed my name on Twitter, Instagram, and even on my fancy writing paper…Acid Rain Kills Trees Wilson…because I’m an Arctic risk name changer, which is going to be a game changer.

Our mission at Arctic Basecamp is to raise awareness of the global risks of Arctic weather change – it’s not just bad news for the Arctic, but for us too.

So that’s why I changed my name, and you should too – to help tell the world leaders and influencers that we need to act now.

So I’m reaching out to you, and lots of folks in show business, to change their names.

We are going with:

Cardi The Arctic B Melting.

Jack Black Carbon Is Killing Us.

Ty Phoons Are Increasing Burrell.

Amy Poehler Bears Are Endangered.

Harrison Why Not Drive An Electric Ford.

Samuel Earth is Getting Hot As L Jackson.

It’s fun. It’s free. Go to Arcticrisk.org and make a fun little name change.

This is during the COP 27 conference in Egypt, where world leaders are gathering to discuss climate going up through, in and around, Thanksgiving or so.

This will be a fun and important change, something you can do and oh, I’m sorry…I got to go grab this. Yeah, this is Leonardo Di-Polar Ice Caprios Are Melting. So I should, I should grab this.


Ridiculously, the name updated has been added to Wilson’s Wikipedia page. 

Rainn did not share plans for efforts to have Hollywood hypocrites reduce their own carbon footprints and discontinue private jets, yacht vacations and oversized resource sucking dwellings.



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