Revealed: FTX Was Funding Biological Weapons Shelters

FTX was funding biological weapons shelters while laundering money from the Ukrainian government via crypto meant for their war efforts.

Millions ended up with the Democrat Party before the 2022 midterm election.

An interesting tip dropped on 4chan/pol website this weekend.

Specifically, post

Apparently, Samual Bankman-Fried’s charitable organization was funding shelters for bioweapon attacks.

This was while he was laundering money with help from the National bank of Ukraine.

SBF launched the Future Fund charitable organization.

SBF launched a charity called the Future Fund and sat on the board with his former girlfriend Caroline Ellison.

The Future Fund was funding the construction and design of bioweapons shelters.


It appears that the links lead to legitimate websites tied to SBF.

They’re advertising/soliciting activities related to shelters from bioweapons.

And they were doing this while funneling money to Ukraine meant for their war efforts.

As TGP reported earlier, there were several US-funded biolabs sprinkled across Ukraine for some reason.


Russian Defence Ministry briefing showing US-sponsored biolabs on Ukraininan territory. Photo : Russian Ministry of Defence

“There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release and spread deadly pathogens to US/world.” Gabbard said back in March 2022.

“We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured and pathogens destroyed,” she added.


Tulsi Gabbard made her statement based on testimony from the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in Eurasia, Victoria Nuland.

Victoria Nuland admitted during testimony before a US Senate committee the existence of biological research labs in Ukraine.

Less than 24 hours later, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that reports of biolabs in Ukraine were fake news propagated by Russia.

The Democrat-fake news-media complex then attacked anyone who brought up the biolabs in Ukraine.

Then this happened– Russia released alleged captured documents from Ukraine exposing evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia made the accusations in front of the United Nations General Assembly.

Breaking: Russia Releases Alleged Captured Documents Before UN Special Council Meeting Exposing Evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine (VIDEO)

This forced the Pentagon to finally admitted in a public statement that there are 46 US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

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