RAGE QUIT: Racist Democrat Senate Candidate Deletes Her Twitter Account After Losing BIG in South Carolina

Trump-backed Tim Scott cruised past his Democrat opponent Krystle Mathews in South Carolina’s U.S. Senate race.

Sen. Scott garnered over 61% of the vote compared to Mathews’s 38.9%.

What made the victory even sweeter for Scott was moments after the Associated Press called the race, Krystle Mathews immediately deleted her Twitter in what appears to be a temper tantrum.

Take a look:

Previously Krystle Mathews made national headlines after Project Veritas secretly recorded her saying “treat white people like sh*t”.

She would also say that she knows how to ‘keep white people under her thumb”.


By the night’s end, Mathews won’t be the only Democratic candidate to delete their Twitter account because the red tsunami is just starting.

Good riddance!


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