Racist 1619 Project Author Sics Twitter Mob on Asian Woman Complaining of Rising NYC Subway Violence

Radical America-hating, whitey-hating radical Nikole Hannah-Jones, the author of the fictitious 1619 Project, sicced a Twitter mob on an Asian woman who complained about the surging violence in the New York City subway system.

Nikole Hannah-Jones responded to the Asian woman’s complaints with the justification that the subways were always smelly, threatening and violent.

Hannah-Jones would make a good Democrat politician. She might have a bright future in politics once her 1619 grift takes a dive.

The Daily Mail reported:

Hyperwoke 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones set a Twitter mob on an Asian woman who complained about violence on New York’s subway – despite statistics proving transit crimes are spiraling.

Hannah-Jones, who spearheaded The 1619 Project, a controversial New York Times initiative which aimed to reframe American history by ‘placing the consequences of slavery at the center of the national narrative,’ quote tweeted Queens resident Yiatin Chu.

Chu wrote: ‘Paid $2.75 to be in a subway car with a loud and aggressive man threatening to hit his female partner. Switched cars at next stop to be in a public toilet / urine-odor, crowded car for the rest of my ride. This is @KathyHochul and @NYCMayor’s NYC.’

Hannah-Jones responded sneeringly in a quote-tweet, writing: ‘Yes, yes. This was absolutely unheard on subways until two years ago.’

A mob of Hannah-Jones 700,000 followers subsequently descended on Chu, with the New York Times journalist accused of knowingly circling the wagons.

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