President Trump Still Draws YUGE Ratings! Yet, Even “Conservative” Outlets Smite Him

On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President in 2024 from Mar-a-Lago in an event he first announced prior to the 2022 mid-term elections.  FOX News and CNN both covered the event live on cable television.  MSNBC opted out.  Their ratings suffered in comparison for this decision.

According to TVNewser:

Total viewership for FOX News jumped up 1.5 million viewers from 3.662m at 8pm (Tucker Carlson Tonight) to 5.157m at 9pm (Hannity) when the speech began.  CNN jumped from 1.679m to 2.430m from 8-9pm while MSNBC only increased by 33,000 watchers from 1.800m to 1.833m.  FOX News and CNN also had 918,000 and 481,000 viewers, respectively, online.

The coverage of the “Announcement” doubled the ratings from the night before for FOX News’s “Hannity” and CNN’s “Cooper”.  President Trump also drew millions more viewers than Joe Biden’s Nov. 2nd speech on the three platforms:

ABC, CBS and NBC all opted not to air the announcement speech.  ABC opted instead to run Bachelor in Paradise, NBC ran their sci-fi series La Brea and CBS ran their drama FBI.

It’s not shocking that those outlets listed above opted out of airing the President’s announcement.  However, what is shocking is the way that the New York Post handled it.  The following day, they ran this cover page:


“Florida Man Makes Announcement” on page 26.  Seriously?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the article itself is a side bar titled “Been there, Don that.”


After the “DeFuture” headline following Gov. Ron DeSantis’s win in Florida, and now this “Florida Man” secondary headline, I think we can now add the New York Post to the Establishment shills that are trying to steer the GOP back to the Establishment.

After all, they still have the Ukrainian flag flanking the title on each of the front pages.  Americans are flat out suffering while even conservative outlets continue to promote sending billions to a country that would never have been considered “democratic” or a “beacon of light” prior to the current administration occupying the White House.

The Washington Examiner also seems to be attempting to derail the Trump Train with their headline “WATCH: Crowd at Trump 2024 announcement stopped from leaving while former president was speaking.

The tweet the Examiner shared hardly shows that at all.  You might be able to convince a couple people that this video is compelling evidence people were trying to leave.  A couple people seem to get by just fine as the camera conveniently pans right until they’re out of frame. But it definitely doesn’t seem conclusive enough for a new outlet to run a defaming headline like that.



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