POT MEET KETTLE: Mitt Romney Calls Donald Trump a “Gargoyle” Hanging Over the Republican Party After “Disgusting” Trump-Ye-Fuentes Meeting

As predicted, former President Donald Trump’s dinner with controversial rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) and white nationalist Nick Fuentes set off a raging inferno last week yet to fully dissipate. Now leading Trump-hater Mitt Romney has emerged from his snake pit to weigh in.

On Monday, Romney told NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur he found the meeting “disgusting.” He went on to brag about impeaching Trump twice and not wanting him “hanging over our party like a gargoyle.”

Romney neglected to mention that Ye was supposed to meet Trump alone and the former president had no idea Fuentes would show up or who he is.

But who expects full honesty from a man who stabbed Trump in the back after Trump tried to put aside their past differences?

Trump attempted to bury the hatchet between them back in 2018 when he endorsed Romney’s run for U.S Senate. Romney happily accepted the endorsement and used the then-president’s generosity to get elected.

Let’s now do a thought experiment on who the real gargoyle of the GOP really is. Trump launched his first run for political office in 2015.  In 2016 he took down a loaded Republican field for President. He then pulled off the greatest upset in American political history when he defeated Crooked Hillary Clinton in the 2016 General Election.

Mitt Romney? He ran for President twice and lost badly both times. In 2008, he lost in the Republican primaries to arguably the most infamous RINO of all time, the late Senator John McCain of Arizona. He then struggled to win against a weak GOP field in 2012 and Barack Obama destroyed him in the 2012 General Election.

As President, Trump fulfilled many long-held promises that establishment Republicans simply used as bubba bait for the base. Some of these fulfilled pledges included renegotiating NAFTA, moving America’s Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, cracking down on illegal immigration, and partially repealing Obamacare.

His achievements do not end there, however. Trump rebuilt the American military which Obama gutted during his reign. He also pushed through one of the largest tax cuts in American history, which provided relief to all American families. Furthermore, his judicial appointments proved the best in American history. Without Trump, Roe vs Wade remains on the books and our nation loses thousands more unborn children in the process.

Trump’s greatest accomplishment, however, was not starting another war. He was the first President since Ronald Reagan not to send American forces off to die in foreign lands. The deep state and the globalist politicians loathed Trump for this more than any other policy. The reason for this loathing is because Trump cost them billions of dollars. Any doubt this helped lead to his first impeachment?

Romney’s “accomplishments” include impeaching a duly elected Republican president twice for personal reasons and helping deliver Biden’s leftist agenda.  He even voted for Biden’s radical Supreme Court nominee who cannot explain what a woman is! He also refused to support fellow Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee in his election versus Never-Trump grifter and deadbeat Evan McMullin.

Whether or not he returns to the Oval Office, Trump can forever hold his head high for his immeasurable accomplishments as president. Romney just needs to retire from public life for good.


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