Paul Pelosi “Friend” David DePape Was a Progressive Per His Ex-wife – How Did He Get to Pelosi House in the First Place?

Dark Brandon returned in Primetime last night just before the mid-terms to publicly address election deniers and political violence, both of which he has blamed for an alleged attack on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband on October 28, 2022 at 2:31am while the Speaker was out of town.

Joe Biden condemned that attack on Saturday and added:

“But you can’t condemn the violence unless you condemn those people who continue to argue the election was not real, that it’s been stolen — all the malarkey that’s being put out there to undermine democracy…”

Other Mockingbird Media outlets have picked up on the political rhetoric as well.  Local news station NBC Bay Area writes:

It also carried chilling echoes of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol, when rioters chanted menacingly for the speaker as they rampaged through the halls trying to halt certification of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

This “insurrectionist” sentiment appears to be shared by Joe Biden:

Ironically, the FBI Criminal Complaint doesn’t actually quote David Depape, the alleged suspect in the break in and attempted murder, as saying “Where’s Nancy?” anywhere in the complaint.  But that didn’t stop politicians from making the comparison to the “domestic terrorists” that “stormed the Capitol”.

These political references don’t make much sense considering that the mother of Depape’s two children, Gypsy Taub, told ABC7 News over the phone from prison:

“…when I met him, he was only 20 years old ,and he didn’t have any experience in politics, and he was very much in alignment with my views and I’ve always been very progressive. I absolutely admire Nancy Pelosi.”

Taub is in prison for attempting to abduct a 14 year old boy.  She was a well-known nudist activist in San Francisco.  She claimed that she was David’s “ex life partner” has known him for more than 20 years.  Together, up until 7 years ago, they raised their two sons and her daughter.

There hasn’t been any known mention of what Depape does for work other than a hemp necklace store online that, according to the WayBack Machine, hadn’t been archived since 2017 until it was completely redesigned in 2021 to be what seems to be a blog site.  It’s also garnered significantly more attention from the WayBack Machine since then:

Another local news outlet, NBC Bay Area, went to the house Depape reportedly lived at and were told “the people inside the home told [FBI] agents they hadn’t seen Depape for years.”

However, the neighbors told a different story:  they told the reporter that “he’s never approached me or my partner at all, but I’ve just seen him helping out around the house with yard work.”

That’s odd.  The neighbors told the reporter they’ve seen him recently, helping around the house, but the people “inside the home” told “agents” they hadn’t seen Depape “for years”.

But finally, at least, the San Francisco District Attorney is holding someone without bail:  David Depape.

  • They also will not release Paul Pelosi’s 911 call.
  • Or the body cam footage.
  • Or the CCTV footage at the house.
  • Or whether or not Pelosi had a home security system (despite neighbors saying they did and that there was “always” black SUVs driving around their neighborhood as watch)
  • Or how Depape got to Pelosi’s house in the first place.  An Uber?  Taxi?  Did he walk??  If so, did any neighbors CCTV catch the man walking there?
  • The SF DA won’t even tell us if they have an alarm system on the home of the second in line to Presidency

Perhaps…Depape didn’t walk.  It wouldn’t be the first time a California DA muzzled information from the public regarding Paul Pelosi.



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