New Disney Christmas Series Shows Children Holding Signs “We Love You Satan” (Video)

Disney’s new Christmas series called Santa Clauses is receiving backlash after a scene in the movie depicts children holding signs reading “We Love You Satan”.

The Santa Clauses is a new children’s tv series on Disney + and is a reboot of the film Santa Clauses starring Tim Allen.

Defenders of the series claim the scene where children are holding the letters which spell out “We Love You Satan” is supposed to say “We Love You Santa” and is just one of the many comedic scenes in the movies but parents aren’t laughing.


Per the New York Times, Disney’s “direct-to-consumer unit racked up $1.5 billion in losses” in the recent quarter.

The major losses resulted in Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek being replaced with former CEO Bob Iger.

Many parents canceled their Disney+ subscription after Disney went on a “woke” brigade and even reportedly offered financial help to its employees’ children who wanted gender reassignment surgery.

Creating series which indoctrinate children to love satan is helping the company sell subscriptions either.


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