MUST SEE: Jake Lang’s Latest POWERFUL Jan 6 Political Prisoner Video – FINALLY THE TRUTH!

Jake Lang and released a powerful video this week on the January 6, 2021, protests in Washington DC.

The US government that day turned its wrath on the people of the United States.  Dozens of FBI infiltrators were deployed in the city, DOJ and Metro police operatives were also involved in the protests.

The police fired gas and rubber bullets on the crowd, beat the protesters with sticks, and fired flash grenades at veterans, women, children and seniors.

Four Trump protesters were killed that day by police.


Since that day hundreds of Americans have had their homes raided by the FBI for walking in open US Capitol doors and past police officers who stood by and said nothing.

Dozens of Americans, including Jake Lang, have been held in prison without trial for over 600 days now.

This is what the Democrat Party has done to America.  We are no longer a country that can lecture others on human rights.  Our moral standing was tossed in the trash by power-hungry Democrats and weak Republicans who stood by too afraid of their own shadow.

Here is the transcript from this very powerful ad by Jake Lang and

As you all well know, patriots assembled on January 6 at the United States Capitol to peacefully protest a stolen election. Approximately a million liberty- loving Americans stood in unity and exercised their constitutional right to redress their grievances. Historically, the protest took a violent turn when capital police officers started inciting and brutalizing an unarmed crowd, even killing four defenseless American citizens on the steps of our own capital.

Now over 900 January 6ers and their families had been persecuted by the Biden regime and the FBI, violently arrested and abused and tortured in prison, some spending over 20 months locked away in gulaglike conditions political prisons inside our very own United States. They are being held without bond visitations, haircuts, religious services, access to evidence and attorneys, and in many cases, complete solitary confinement.

This atrocity highlights the two-tier justice system that villainizes conservative patriots and rewards career criminals. That’s why we started the J-6 Legal Fund to help retain competent conservative attorneys for our newest national heroes.

J-6 Legal Fund was created by J-6 political prisoner, Jake Lang to ensure full transparency in directing 100% of funds to legal costs. Not a single penny is wasted. In the next upcoming months, hundreds of J 60 patriots will be standing trial against the full force of the corrupt Department of justice and bias DC jury pools. The need for strong legal representation is greater now more than ever. That’s where you come in. The J-6 families are truly grateful for your generous support.

Let’s bring our men home. Please donate today.

Whatever God puts on your heart, go to to make your donation. Thank you. And God bless America.


** Please give what you can to the fund.

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