Mitt Romney Says New Congress Must Lay Off “Pointless Investigations” of Joe Biden, Yet He Voted to Impeach Donald Trump Twice!

Utah Senator and twice-failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney weighed in with his thoughts on the midterms in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, he called for giving Biden and his corrupt administration a complete pass and wants to work with him instead.

In his op-ed, Romney called for pursuing the road “less travelled by” to make things “better” for Americans rather than “pointless” messaging bills. Climate change was one issue the senator suggested pursuing. Romney in the past has called for a carbon tax on Americans, which would have crippling impacts on the poor and middle class. Anyone who doubts this just needs to look at Canada.

Romney also called for expanding legal immigration to bring down inflation, despite the deleterious impact such a policy would have on Americans’ wages. According to a YouGov poll released in February, only 27% believed importing more workers from third-world nations would reduce inflation. More strikingly, only 45% of Biden’s 2020 voters supported this bizarre proposal. Advocating for more foreigners is especially tone-deaf considering the wide-open Mexican border thanks to Biden and the radical left.

Romney additionally railed against “baseless claims” of election fraud despite numerous instances of Democratic shenanigans in this election alone. Trump has slammed what happened to Blake Masters in Arizona after corporate media outlets called the election for his opponent, Senator Mark Kelly. But like in 2020, establishment politicians have taken the Romney approach and ignored patriots raising fraud concerns.

Romney’s soft approach toward Biden stands in stark contrast to his treatment of former President Trump. Once he used Trump’s endorsement to secure his election to Senate, Romney began working to undermine his agenda. This culminated with Romney knifing Trump by joining the Democrats and twice impeaching him for political and personal purposes. He never got over blowing an eminently winnable election to Barack Obama while Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for president in perhaps the greatest upset in American political history.

Biden, in contrast, has committed several impeachable offenses. The first is his refusal to enforce immigration law. This has created the worst border crisis in American history with crime skyrocketing in our nation’s cities. Fentanyl smuggling in particular has surged with tens of thousands of Americans dying every year. Fentanyl has a disproportionate impact on white working-class people who largely vote Republican as Ohio Senator-Elect J.D. Vance pointed out to Jim Hoft in April. “If you wanted to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland, how better to target them and their kids with this fentanyl,” said Vance. “It does look intentional. It’s like Biden wants to punish people who didn’t vote for him.”

Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in the middle of Taliban fighting season also warrants impeachment for dereliction of duty. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene authored an impeachment bill in August 2021 for precisely this reason.  Biden’s horrific blunder not only led to the deaths of 13 brave American soldiers but also the abandonment of thousands of Afghan interpreters, American citizens, and service dogs. One could argue impeachment is too light of punishment and prison should be on the table.

Finally, Biden’s illegal request to Saudi Arabia to delay production cuts until after the midterms should result in his removal from office. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik described this blatantly political action as “an egregious abuse of power” and “illegal.” Biden’s attempted strongarm tactic also brings back memories of the Democratic House along with Romney impeaching Trump for an innocuous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Yet only crickets when Biden actually abuses his authority.

There is no reason for the conservative base to make peace with the Democrats destroying America. As the late Andrew Breitbart once said, there is only one prescription: war.