Mentally Ill, Illegal Alien, Drug Abusing Nudist is Really a Trump Stooge?

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David DePape, an alleged illegal alien who reportedly broke into the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi and stands accused of trying to kill Paul Pelosi with a hammer has quite a resume:

  • He is described by his ex-wife as mentally ill.
  • He is an illegal alien.
  • He reportedly is a frequent user of hallucinogenic drugs.
  • The bus he lived in sported a Black Lives Matter flag on the outside.
  • His neighbors describe him as a paranoid.
  • A website registered in his name and email was set up in September ( and subsequently populated with material scraped from a Russian site that specializes in QANON material.

So was this just a random attack by one of the usual nutcases that populate San “Fecal” Francisco? Perhaps. It is still not clear how this guy could just walk up to Pelosi’s home and force his way in and calmly find Paul Pelosi tucked into bed. Allow Pelosi to get out of bed and call 9-11 and then calmly walk downstairs to greet the police before he coldcocks Pelosi with a hammer to the head.

The creation of DePape’s website in September and its population with QANON images originally created by Russia’s IRA seems way too convenient of a coincidence. It will be interesting to see if Federal and State prosecutors follow through and take this guy to trial. My guess is that he will occupy the limelight up to election night here in the United States as the Democrats try to convert him into a MAGA poster boy and blame “the attack” on Donald Trump. I also believe that sometime after November 8, he will be declared mentally ill, the charges will be dropped and he will be shuffled off to some psychiatric facility.

I do not know if this was a deliberate Democrat attempt to fabricate an October Surprise to damage Republicans or is just a serendipitous event that the Democrats have seized on to try to save themselves from an election massacre. But it is not having the desired effect. DePape is not only a horror of a human being, he is the emblematic of the culture that infects San Francisco and other Democrat controlled hell holes. If anything, Depape’s escapade is just another reminder to Republican and Independent voters why Democrat rule, especially in large urban centers, is a toxic nightmare.

One other interesting tidbit–the lead FBI agent assigned to this case is a junior agent with roughly two years on the job (she was hired in 2019 and then spent about six months in training at Quantico). You can read the full charging document at the end of Jim Hoft’s review of unanswered questions surrounding this strange event (click here).


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