MEDIA SILENT: Shots Fired At Home Where Republican Candidate’s Children Were Sleeping

The Hickory Police Department in North Carolina has reported an unknown suspect fired shots into the parent’s home of Pat Harrigan a GOP candidate for North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District.

At the time of the shooting Harrigan’s children were sleeping at their grandparent’s house and the bullets penetrated the house just a couple of feet away from where his children were sleeping.

Per the Charlotte Observer “No one was injured, but the officers investigating did find evidence of a bullet casing which is being looked into”.

One of the most bizarre details about the shooting is that it occurred on October 19th and the shooting is now just making headlines.

We all know the Democratic media machine would conjure up a narrative on how a deranged “QAnon Trump supporter” was behind the shooting if the incident occurred outside of a Democrat candidate’s family home.

Harrigan is a former Green Beret who is running against Democrat state Sen. Jeff Jackson for North Carolina’s 14th congressional district.

Previously Harrigan’s opponent Sen. Jackson aired a political campaign ad outside of Harrigan’s home.

Jackson has since pulled the ad but the damage is already done.

In response to the shooting Harrigan has stated that he isn’t intimated.

The former Green Beret would tweet out “My mission is a better economy, less inflation & safe streets. A bullet & death threats aren’t enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission.”


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