Madonna At It Again With New, Creepy Social Media Post-Drinks Water Out of Dog Bowl

Screenshot from Madonna’s Instagram

Is there a geriatric nurse in the house?  Someone needs to take away Madonna’s social media privileges.

The Material Girl has raised eyebrows, and concerns, about recent social media posts that have gone from bizarre to disturbing.

The singer, who previously said she thought about blowing up the White House while President Trump was still inside, looks unrecognizable in recent posts.

The 64-year-old posted topless photos of herself  with  tiny emojis to cover up her nipples and the Material Girl is looking a little weathered.

Desperate for attention and, perhaps relevance, Madonna’s latest weird foray onto social media platforms is an Instagram post showing a carousel of photos which get odder and odder.

After several benign photos posing with a motorcycle and artwork, she is shown posing in a sexual manner with a sriracha bottle and mustard bottle. WTH?

But that isn’t the end.  The final installment includes a video of her on the floor on all fours licking water out of a dog bowl.  What in the world is going on?

Hard to decide what is more unsettling, the post itself or the almost 100,000 likes it generated.



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