Kelly Tshibaka “Anticipating a Whole Bunch of Shenanigans” from RINO Lisa Murkowski

“If this was a normal election, Murkowski’s already lost,” Kelly Tshibaka told Steve Bannon

This is how they steal it: Trump-endorsed MAGA candidate Kelly Tshibaka won the most votes in the Alaska Senate race. However, thanks to a crooked system called “ranked-choice voting” introduced by corrupt Never-Trumper Lisa Murkowski and exposed by Project Veritas, Tshibaka still has to fight for the Senate seat she won.

Speaking to Steve Bannon on the “War Room” Wednesday, Tshibaka said of her campaign, “It’s been nearly 600 days. If this was a normal election, we just won, and that is super exciting, to going from having no name recognition to being ahead of the Murkowski dynasty.”

In the ranked-choice election “because we did not cross the 50% line on Round 1, our 4th and 3rd candidate will drop off the ballot, and their second, third and fourth votes will shuffle up to me and Murkowski, and we’ll see who has the most votes.”

“Some people say, how is it possible you could have won, and still not win?”, Tshibaka said, who currently stands at 44.3% and Murkowski at 42.8%. Democrat Chesbro got 9.5% of the vote in Alaska.

Alaska is “one of the only races still in play, and this might come down to things like recounts and lawsuits,” said Tshibaka, who holds a doctorate from Harvard Law School.

“Murkowski’s been helping our Democrat campaign, to help Nancy Pelosi.” The Murkowski team “filed a bunch of lawsuits” to make sure the Alaska House of Representatives seat “stayed Democrat,” Tshibaka said. “So we’re anticipating a whole bunch of shenanigans in these next couple months between now and January, to try and hold on to the Murkowski monarchy. Our race is not over.”

Results in Alaska will be declared the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 23rd, but “if we have to go into disputes or recounts, or litigation, it will take longer. We’re bracing for that. We’ve got all the way until January until they need to swear someone in, so the time frame could drag out until then. We’ve never done this before in Alaska, so everyone’s looking at how close these numbers are, and how small our electorate population is, and saying, we could be in this until January.”

“The Murkowskis are the big political family up there,” Steve Bannon said. “This was a  process they set up with their lawyers to make sure the Murkowskis are not tossed out by grassroots candidates … You’ve got to be part of the Muskowski machine. This system was set up to keep them in power, correct?”

“If this was a normal election, she’s already lost,” Tshibaka said, pointing out undercover videos from Project Veritas had exposed the ranked-voting machinations. “They knew they wouldn’t survive a party primary… We knew this was going to happen, and that’s exactly where we are right now.”


Tshibaka remained confident she would come out on top: “Anytime you look at a ranked-choice election, the candidate in top place is the candidate who wins, so this race is leaning in our favor, but we have to be on our guard and ready for any lawsuits to drop from the opponent, because they mean business and they put this whole system in place.”

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