HERE WE GO: TIME Writer Says “Election Night Is Going to Take All Week. That’s Democracy at Work”

Far-left TIME magazine released a piece this morning full of outrageous statements and opinions that border on the absurd.  What this article does tell us that the fix is in, Americans just need to accept it and move along. 

The far-left crooks are back at it.  They again have colluded with the media in pushing narratives that they want Americans to believe.  These are not truths.  Their arguments and statements are noise.

In a piece that was unsuspiciously released this morning, TIME magazine says that the 2022 election will take a week and this is normal and good – “That’s Democracy at Work”.

What garbage.

What this really tells us is that the media and the monsters running the elections and working to overthrow free and fair elections in America want Americans to sit down and take it. 

Author Philip Elliott writes (emphasis added):

After the polls close this evening and election results start to pour in, the biggest threat to your faith in democracy may be the constant clicking on your browser’s refresh button.

Election Day in America has never been more transparent, as real-time data is loaded into reporting systems, transmitted on news organizations’ internal distribution channels, and published online. Those results, however, have never been more prone to garbage interpretation in amateur hands. Don’t believe me? Just look at all the armchair analyses two years ago, starting with then-President Donald Trump’s own misguided and likely disingenuous—reading of the early numbers that suggested a landslide in his favor. As more ballots were counted, his lead eroded, becoming the basis of the Big Lie.

Election Day is more like Election Week in reality. And that’s actually good for democracy

This guy is not a journalist, he’s a promoter of far-left narratives.

Elliott has a journalism degree and this appears to be the basis of being an expert on elections.  He insinuates that journalism degrees are all you need to provide expert analysis on elections – the audacity. This is why TIME magazine is no longer relevant.

Elliott claims in his first few far-left paragraphs that are full of garbage talking points that US elections are as transparent as they ever have been. He is either stupid or biased or both. He ignores the fact that in the 2020 Election while liberal cities like Detroit and Philidelphia were manufacturing ballots after the election, observers were prevented from observing what was going on.

Elliott maybe never saw his fellow Democrat discuss the corruption in Philly during the 2020 Election.

In addition, we had millions of ballots that we didn’t know where they came from (i.e. lacked adequate chain of custody documentation) and millions of ballots we didn’t know who they came from (lacked proper signature verifications).

Also, we have not been allowed to review the software used in the voting systems across the country.  You could not sign off on a financial audit for any company without properly and adequately reviewing and analyzing the software behind the numbers being reported by that company.

I’ve overseen and performed hundreds of audits around the world.  From financial, to operational, to IT, to fraud audits.   I’ve earned 10 degrees or designations.  I don’t have a journalism degree, yet I know the 2020 Election never should have been certified.  It was stolen.

Any “armchair amateur” knows since the 3rd grade that if you are being prevented from seeing something there is a reason and it’s because the person preventing you from seeing what is going on doesn’t want you to know what is going on.

You don’t have to be an international audit executive to know this.  This is plain common sense. 

(See my book The Steal: Volume II – The Impossible Occurs for the story behind the most corrupted election in US history.  Elliott would learn a lot reviewing this book.)


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