Former DeSantis Foe, Disgraced Democrat Andrew Gillum, Wants All Corruption Charges Dropped Following President Trump’s Statements

Earlier this month, just a week before the mid-term elections, the New York Times and Orlando Sentinel falsely claimed that the Biden DOJ was “investigating” constitutionally protected protests during the 2018 recount in Florida as a possible “dry run” for what would occur on January 6th more than three years later.

They attacked this GP journalist, Trump advisor Roger Stone, and hundreds of patriots who sprung into action monitoring a recount that was plagued with illegal late night ballot drops and overseen by a Supervisor of Elections in Broward County that had been found guilty by a Florida judge of destroying ballots.

“According to my sources within the Justice Department, no such investigation is underway or even exists, meaning that both Alan Feurer and Michael Schmidt have committed an egregious act of journalistic malfeasance. They should not be taken seriously for one moment, as they made it clear that they are more motivated by their addiction to anti-Trump and anti-America first propaganda than they are by truth.

This latest round of fake news smears by the NYT and Orlando Sentinel should send a clear message to supporters of President Trump and the America First movement — the Democrats and media remain steadfast in their war against the American people and will do or say anything to hold on to power”, Roger Stone explained in a GP article published on November 4th.

WITCHHUNT 4.0: NY Times Makes Baseless Claims Saying Biden DOJ “Investigating” 2018 Recount Protests In Florida 

Now, following a Truth Social post by former President Donald J. Trump correctly stating that his endorsement of Governor DeSantis in the 2018 GOP primary catapulted the then Congressman DeSantis to a resounding victory, former 2018 Democrat nominee for Governor Andrew Gillum is calling for an emergency hearing and all charges to be dropped in relation to a federal indictment handed down against Gillum last month alleging he illegally directed campaign funds into his own pocket with his longtime mentor and aide.

Gillum was also charged with conspiracy and making false statements to federal law enforcement officers relating to an investigation that dates back to his time as Mayor of Tallahassee, the launch of his campaign for Governor of Florida, and the subsequent disbursements from that campaign that trickled back to Gillum and his co-conspirator.

Update: Police ‘Not Pursuing Criminal Charges’ Against Andrew Gillum After He Was Found in Miami Hotel Room with Bags of Crystal Meth

President Trump was clear in 2018 that he was monitoring the efforts to steal the 2018 election from DeSantis, who ultimately won by just about 30,000 votes. Trump did nothing wrong or illegal by stating as much, or by reiterating what occurred in 2018 a few days ago on Truth Social.

However, Gillum, who was discovered in a Miami Beach hotel room in March of 2020 with several men, a male prostitute, and a pharmacopeia of illegal narcotics (including suspected crystal meth), is seizing on these comments to secure a veritable “Get Out of Jail Free” card from the judge overseeing his case.

Gillum, once viewed as “The Next Obama,” also motioned to have a separate trial from his elderly co-conspirator, who has indicated she will testify on Gillum’s behalf if separate trials were indeed granted.

For even casual observers, this is clearly an attempt by the disgraced DeSantis foe to set up his mentor and co-conspirator as the fall guy, so that he can get off scot-free and presumably return to politics.

It makes sense following the shellacking Democrats endured in Florida last week during the mid-term elections, where Governor DeSantis won by a near 20% margin over former Governor and Congressman Charlie Crist. Gillum was able to raise far more than Crist in his 2018 bid and came within 30,000 votes, while Crist lagged behind by almost 1.5m votes on November 8th.

It’s been a weeks long effort by Democrats and Gillum supporters to claim the election in 2018 was stolen from him (they can deny elections but America First advocates cannot), that he was somehow setup in Miami Beach when he was busted partaking in a drug fueled gay sex orgy, and that prominent journalists or activists like this GP writer were somehow involved in a secret plot to take him down.

Insane #BlueAnon Twitter accounts are claiming that this journalist actually roofied Gillum to ruin his political career. You can follow some of the insanity in the below Twitter feed, where this journalist (@RealJacobEngels) is doing whatever possible to combat leftwing disinformation on the digital platform, which has allowed a slew of accounts back since taking over.

They even claimed that there were correlations between the Paul Pelosi “hammer party” and Gillum’s apparent 2018 interlude with a male prostitute and a room full of illicit narcotics. 

Police Change Story: Now Claim Only Attacker David DePape and Paul Pelosi in Home

Even for Democrats, the clear effort to get Gillum back on the political playing field by re-litigating the legal demonstrations during the 2018 Florida recount are far-fetched. He deceived and literally stole from his donors, running the money through a series of LLCs and payments routed through his elderly mentor & campaign aide Sharon Lettman-Hicks.

For what it’s worth, their reasoning is that Trump used federal influence to stack the votes against Gillum during the recount, but even the far-left (funded primarily by Facebook, Google, National Science Foundation, and other globalist groups), even said there was no evidence of federal interference by Trump and that an auditor had concluded the elections were not conducted properly.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are clearly reeling from the embarrassing rout dosed out by voters in Florida, where DeSantis flipped several extremely liberal strongholds in South Florida to the Republican column, capturing a staggering 63 of Florida’s 67 counties.

And it appears for now, their best bet is a failed candidate from 2018, who is on trial on dozens of counts of federal crimes, whoM President Trump described as a “Crack Head.”

Good times.


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